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This platform ACTUALLY helps drive sales

Aditi Kothari Desai, EVP and Head - Sales & Marketing, DSP Blackrock

4th December 2015

In a nutshell

DSP Blackrock has added a powerful new feature into its much appreciated IFAXpress platform, called "Sales Opportunities Feeds", which can tangibly help in driving your sales efforts. Data analytics is a buzz word that we often hear about, and usually associate with complex applications run by large corporations. What IFAXpress' Sales Opportunities Feeds does now for every IFA, is to bring the power of data analytics into your work life, each time you log into IFAXpress. Read on as Aditi takes us through this powerful new building feature of IFAXpress.

Have you ever walked out of a training program focused on cross-sell & upsell sales strategies, all fired up to apply the new learning for growing your business, only to realize later that you lack access to tools that will help you in the implementation process? If yes, you are not alone, as there are no ready solutions available to assist in this crucial next step for the mutual fund advisory business.

DSP BlackRock has once again taken the lead in introducing a differentiated value add for the advisor community. After the much appreciated launch of their business platform called IFAXpress, DSP BlackRock has added Sales Opportunities Feeds as another unique benefit right into the platform. This unique feature helps advisors discover hidden sales opportunities that are personalized to advisors' existing business & client mix. Imagine something like this below once you login to your IFAXpress account.


While IFAXpress as a platform brings easy-to-use technology within the reach of financial advisors, the Sales Opportunities Feeds feature aims and succeeds in solving significant challenges advisors face during cross-sell/upsell. Sales Opportunities feed, when used together with the transaction features of IFAXpress, makes it an even more powerful solution. Once advisors discover the opportunity, they can recommend and execute transactions without going anywhere else.

So, how does this work?

This comprehensive solution leverages an advisor's historic transactions data and applies smart analytics to answer questions that advisors always asked themselves or their staff members. The best part is that these answers are presented as a set of only a few sales opportunities amongst several opportunities that might exist in an advisor's business at any point in time. Limiting the opportunity will help advisors concentrate on them, evaluate them & take an informed decision about what suits their business objectives as well as clients' financial goals.

With these opportunities being automatically presented to you whenever you login, imagine the impact on the growth of your mutual fund advisory practice. Reaching out with a perfect fund recommendation to the right clientele becomes extremely easy. To find out more such opportunities for your own business, login to your IFAXpress account here.

There's much more

It doesn't stop here. DSP BlackRock has gone a step further to help you apply your own filters to these opportunities if you need to. For example, you can filter with ease on following 5 criteria -

  1. Client's current holdings

  2. Systematic plans running in the client's folio, if any

  3. Scheme-specific financial transactions in recent past (i.e. last 1 month, 1 year, Current Financial Year, etc.)

  4. Client having an OTM registered in the folio &

  5. Client's eligibility to approve your transaction request


To sum it up, this exciting new feature enables advisors to discover relevant sales opportunities within their existing clientele and thus help them present proactive fund recommendations to their clients. This will not only help advisor grow their business, but also boost the overall client-advisor relationship.

This feature addition also marks a big capability expansion for IFAXpress, as it is clearly aiming to become one stop for financial advisors to run their business.

Login to your IFAXpress account and view your own personalized sales opportunities NOW.

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