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This distributor portal enables comprehensive financial planning

Mudeita Patrao - Head Digitization, HDFC Asset Management Co. Ltd.

1st May 2017

HDFC AMC has launched its distributor portal which goes beyond enabling transactions and providing business MI - it offers a comprehensive financial planning module for all distribution partners, which they can use to strengthen client engagement. Mudeita takes us through the contours of this new distributor initiative from HDFC AMC.

WF: Most of the leading fund houses have distributor portals and apps in existence for some time now. In what ways does your new initiative build on what's there in the market to offer more convenience to your distributors?

Mudeita Patrao: We have built our Distributor Portal to cater not only to daily transactional needs but to enable the Distributor to better manage and grow his business too. The portal includes comprehensive reporting and marketing tools for Distributor to not only identify growth opportunities but also digitally connect leveraging the same portal. Additional information and Financial Planning tool have been added which will help engagement with end investor.

Click here to view the Distributor Portal -

WF: What do you expect to become the most popular aspect of this portal - will it likely be distributor initiated transactions or business MI or co-branded marketing?

Mudeita Patrao: From a Distributors' perspective all three are important and popularity I think will be driven largely by the features where they getting maximum digital traction from their end investors. Second key driver would be the user experience across different services on the portal.

WF: Is the financial planning module a set of goal based calculators or is there a more comprehensive financial planning solution that is available for distributors?

Mudeita Patrao: Managing personal finance is a holistic play that connects dots to many financial aspects of the client. One should not look at the money management as a standalone activity but an integrated approach. Financial Planning tool available to all the clients on HDFC distributors' platform goes way beyond giving a simple calculation on goals.

WF: What are the key features of the tool?

Mudeita Patrao: It brings an expertise in offering a comprehensive financial planning solution that focuses on projecting entire financial lifecycle including the milestones of goals to be achieved and feasibility of achieving the same factoring in the upcoming cash flows and element of optimizing on spends. The tool gives a broader picture to distributor's client which empowers the decision making and rationalize the aspirations with clear projections and point of action.

The distributor can also save the report of the client on the portal and review it periodically with his client. It acts as ready reckoner for the distributor.

WF: Are there plans to include fund manager perspectives, product details and sales aids in your app and portal?

Mudeita Patrao: Yes, we do plan to strengthen the portal with relevant content digitally for the Distributors on an ongoing basis. This content the Distributor can leverage for himself and also share with his end investors as relevant via the portal.

WF: Do you plan to introduce an instant redemption facility on ultra short term funds and offer this through your distributor app?

Mudeita Patrao: We are evaluating the proposal and awaiting guidance from SEBI

WF: Is there a plan to link your distributor portal to MF Utility to offer open architecture transaction execution through a one stop solution?

Mudeita Patrao: As on today it's not on the action list but depending on how the eco system plays out, the roadmap will get aligned too. Our new technology platform gives the required agility to respond quickly to emerging user preferences and requirements.

WF: Most large fund houses want their distributor portals and apps to become an indispensable part of distributors' daily routines. In your opinion, what are the key factors that will drive an app to achieve this position?

Mudeita Patrao: To become an indispensable part of the distributors' daily routine any portal and app would need to extend the services and offering to the Distributor which would go beyond being transactional to other needs which may or may not be directly related to business activities. The key lies in a Distributor centric design approach balancing what distributor wants with what we believe will add value drawing from emerging digital landscape.


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