Happy SIP: high impact reiteration of the AMC's pledge


imgbd Hello friends,

We have launched an SIP campaign which I am sure you will find different and impactful. Probably we would be the first ones within the AMC space if not otherwise too to launch a campaign featuring our employees as brand ambassadors. As you would be aware, we at Kotak MF made a pledge some time ago to invest our personal savings into our own funds - a small yet powerful way of demonstrating our conviction in the funds that we manage and ask you to recommend to your clients. "The owner eats in this restaurant" is always a powerful vote of confidence for customers, and many of you have successfully embraced this concept.


Over different period time periods, most of our schemes have demonstrated healthy performance and created wealth for investors. With your encouragement and support we have being able to be one of the fastest growing AMC's in the last two years. This campaign is a continuation of our efforts to advocate equity investing through SIP. Retail investors should adopt the SIP route to invest in markets and make the most of market volatility.


Post our successful SIP Day initiative, this campaign highlights that significant wealth creation is possible through disciplined and systematic investing in mutual funds. This campaign aims to motivate sceptical investors about initiating their process of wealth creation in the Indian capital markets.

The campaign has commenced on Monday 13th November and will be highly visible across 15 key cities in leading newspapers over the next few days. There is also an active digital campaign planned for the coming weeks.


I humbly request all of you to leverage this campaign, talk to your clients about the proven benefits of investing in SIPs and amplify our message that we at Kotak believe truly in investing our own money in the same way as we encourage investors to so.

Keep watching for the papers and happy SIPping and once again thank you for all your support.


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