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A fund management team that speaks the language of its distributors

Team Kotak MF

18th January 2016

In a nutshell

Most fund houses understand the importance of speaking the language of the investor. Team Kotak MF goes one up, with an effort to communicate with distributors in the language of their choice.

Kotak MF's fund management team - led by its CEO - have put out their 2016 market outlook videos in 8 different languages. How would you like to receive Kotak MF's outlook message to distributors: Nilesh speaking in Gujarati, or Harsha in Kannada or Lakshmi in Tamil? Maybe Pankaj in Hindi or then Shibani in Bengali?

Click on the image above for Nilesh's outlook message in English

Other languages

Hindi - Pankaj Tibrewal (Fund Manager - Equity): Click Here

Gujarati - Nilesh Shah (MD): Click Here

Bengali - ShibaniKurien (Head of Research): Click Here

Tamil - Lakshmi Iyer (CIO - Debt & Head - Products): Click Here

Kannada - Harsha Upadhyaya (CIO - Equity): Click Here

Marathi - MandarPawar (Equity Research Analyst): Click Here

Punjabi - Deepak Gupta (Fund Manager - Equity): Click Here

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