AMC Speak 22nd August 2014
Get your learning edge, now on your fingertips
Himanshu Vyapak, Deputy CEO, Reliance Capital AMC


In this note to the distribution fraternity, Himanshu discusses the launch of Edge Academy's latest initiative: The e-Learning EDGE. A vast array of Edge Academy's learning content is now available to you - not in a classroom - but literally at your fingertips. With e-Learning EDGE, you can now upskill yourself at your own convenience, time and place. One of the 5 pillars of the Think BIG initiative is to encourage IFAs to upskill themselves to be in step with an ever changing world (Click Here). With e-Learning EDGE, RMF now gives you an array of knowledge resources to do just that.


I am very happy to inform you about the launch of our latest knowledge initiative : 'The e-Learning EDGE'. You can now sharpen your knowledge & skills at your own convenience, time & place.

Reliance Mutual Fund has always been at the forefront for innovative ideas & solutions to enable distributors in getting BIG business success. Be it Trail Non-Stop, Distributor Engagement, Technology like Distributor Initiated Transaction, Business Easy CRM Portal, Products RMF has demonstrated long term commitment in all these and many other arenas which works as business enablers towards growth & success.

One of the many innovative steps taken by RMF is it's EDGE Learning Academy launched in 2007-08 exclusively for distributors. The academy has been providing various class-room based training programs covering functional, life skill, technical skills, behavioural, experiential and other programs. More than 25K+ distributors have successfully reaped the benefits by going through various training programs every year since inception.

Few of the many successful training programs

Debt 360 degrees

- One Full day class room program wherein 15K+ distributors have attended


- Half day experiential cum motivational program wherein 8K+ distributors have attended


- One day outbound experiential learning program based on lateral thinking wherein 1.2K+ distributors have participated


- Half day Board based experiential cum simulation program wherein 1K+ distributors have attended


    - 500+ Distributors have been successfully certified as NISM CPFA/IA-Leve1 through our learning series RPFA (100 hours of classroom training)

    - 75+ Distributors have successfully become CFP via our Reliance MF special offer in association with FPSB India

However, few challenges that have been observed in these past 7 years are of taking the learning to tier-2,3,4 locations & beyond, finding time to attend trainings in working hours/days, ideal batch size requirements, re-enforcement of learning, etc.

As time is of utmost importance in this dynamic environment; and even more when one needs to invest time to learn & upgrade self, it has been observed that traditional mode of learning i.e. classroom based approach seems to have its own sets of challenges & constraints.

So, to address few of the challenges mentioned above and in continuation towards this commitment of training & development of distributors, EDGE Learning Academy of RMF proudly takes the next BIG step by launching its E-Learning portal exclusively for distributors (IFAs).

However, the popular belief is 'You can get the horse to the pond, but not the pond to the horse!'

Well, we believe that is passé. With The eLearning EDGE, knowledge now comes to you, rather than you going to the knowledge 'pond'.

RMF proudly brings to you the next generation in learning technology 'The eLearning Edge'; exclusively designed for partners (IFAs) registered on RMF's Business Easy portal.

Business Easy logon/register: & click on 'The Learning EDGE' tab

This is a unique initiative that utilizes the power of web, tablets, mobiles and other handheld devices for the benefit of your learning. This makes it possible for you to have complete control on how you learn and when you learn, and hence dispelling a lot of widely-held beliefs.

These short multilingual modules will be in various forms like animated, interactive, game based, page turners, quizzes, contests etc. covering range of categories like domain knowledge, skills, case study based learning, motivation and much more.

These learning modules are designed in such a way that one can access this from anywhere & from any smart device (Tablets, Smart phones, etc.) apart from PC/Laptops and start getting the learning bytes. All it requires is updated/latest browsers (IE 9+, Firefox 30+, Chrome 35+)

Why e-learning? Benefits to Learners

  1. Convenience & flexibility to Choose What, When, & Where to learn

  2. Learning Modules that cater to varied learning needs - Knowledge, Skills, Behaviourial, Motivational, Case Based, products, Advisory etc.

  3. Control the speed & pace at which you want to learn

  4. Re-enforcement of learning 24x7

  5. Can be accessed from various hand held devices like tablets, smart phones apart from PC/Laptop

  6. Start from where you last left the module(s)

  7. Personalised Learner Dashboard of modules done, wip, rewards & certifications

Current Modules Available

  1. RMF Induction

  2. Goal Planning Basics

  3. Maths behind perfect goal planning (Excel based)

  4. Business Success through better Time Management

  5. Business Success through better Presentation Skills

  6. NiSM V A MFD certification preparatory (Session 1 & 2)

  7. Difference between saving & investing

  8. Power of Compounding

  9. Power of Distributor Initiated Transaction (DIT)

We will keep on adding newer modules periodically in above mentioned categories for learners to constantly upgrade his/her knowledge & skills which will help in become a better professional.

About EDGE Learning Academy of RMF

EDGE Learning Academy of Reliance Mutual fund was launched in 2007-08. The academy has been providing various training programs covering functional, life skill, technical skills, Behaviourial, experiential and other programs. The in-house training team comprises of Chief Learning Officer accompanied by Content Development Manager, 09 Regional Training Managers', and a dynamic pool of 100+ empanelled trainers across length & breadth of the country. The entire planning to reporting of our university is ably supported by our central & local learner support teams. The team believes and demonstrates 'Think Big Think Better' in all of her endeavours.


  1. Partnered with FPSB India ( and launched CFP Certification for Financial Services Intermediaries in India. Also promoting Investment Advisory, a certification from NISM ( - Education initiative from SEBI)

  2. 26K+ Distributors have successfully gone through our via 1400+ classroom training programs in FY 2013-14

  3. 500+ Distributors have been successfully certified as NISM CPFA/IA-Leve1 through our learning series RPFA (100 hours of classroom training)

  4. 75+ Distributors have successfully become CFP via our Reliance MF special offer in association with FPSB India

  5. Experiential Learning Programs mPower, Firewalk, ReVisioning Our Lives based on principles of Adult Learning theory

Fire walk (An experiential training program)

Journey from Impossible to I M Possible

Discovering partners hidden powers with a source of high energy and self realization through high end 2 hr intervention..


Reliance Personal Financial Advisor certification program has been successfully running across the country which enables the channel partner to equip themselves with nuisances of advisory business model. Along the path of RPFA the partner will also become Investment Advisor Level-1 by NISM (an educational initiative from SEBI).


  1. Most Innovative Reward System for distributors & advisors award at MFRT 2014

  2. Most Innovative in terms of Client Convenience award at MFRT 2014

  3. SKOCH Gold Award for Financial Literacy 2014

  4. Best Corporate University at the CLO summit 2013

  5. Best Mobile Learning solution at the CLO summit 2012

  6. Best AMC Distributor Training from Wealth Forum

  7. Best Contribution in Investor Education & category enhancement Award from UTV Bloomberg

  8. KAMFA (Karnataka Association of Mutual fund advisors) at Annual convocation.


For your learning requirements you could either get in touch with your Relationship Manager or even write to us at

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