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An industry-first crowdsourcing initiative among distributors

D.P.Singh, Executive Director & CMO, SBI MF

15th November 2016

In a nutshell

SBI MF has come up with an innovative and engaging way of delivering a powerful message - that it remains committed to building and nurturing partnerships with its distributors. Rather than handing out calendars at the beginning of the year as is customary, SBI MF has invited all its distributors to partner in co-creating the 2017 SBI MF calendar. The calendar - its images and its messages will be created by you, in tandem with SBI MF's team. Find out more about this industry-first crowdsourcing initiative among distributors, as D.P.Singh walks us through how to participate in this exciting initiative.

Why wait for the story...when you can complete the story! The SBI Mutual Fund Partnership Calendar 2017 takes the meaning of partnership to a whole new level! For the first time in the AMC industry, the unique concept of crowd sourcing is being used. We are asking our partners across the country to partner with us and actively participate in the making of our much awaited 2017 Calendar.

So here is how it goes.

SBI MF will present 12 images representing the 12 months of the calendar year. These images have been carefully selected keeping in mind the various interpretations that can be concluded from them. Now here is the most exciting part! Our partners can contribute another image for any / all of the months which complement the images listed by us and try to bring out a complete story which relates to investments, financial planning or mutual funds.

The execution

We have a comprehensive microsite - which helps users select the image, upload their images and describe the story which they intend to express. The site is mobile optimised, so users will find it very convenient to participate through their mobile phones. Through their phones they can not only upload images from the gallery, but also use their cameras to click pictures and upload immediately. Such is the convenience offered.


Once our partners submit their entries, we have a robust Lead Management System which captures them and helps us go through each upload easily. After the contest closes for entries on the 22nd Nov, we will evaluate them along with our creative agency Rediffusion and select 12 of the best images which will be the face of our 2017 Calendar.

Partnership goes beyond business and this is an attempt to engage with all our partners who have so much creativity in them waiting to be expressed!

The SBI MF Partnership Calendar 2017. Participate now. Visit

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