Advisor Speak 19th December 2013
There's never a quiet moment at FIFA !
Yogesh Sharma, Director FIFA


Yogesh Sharma takes us through the hectic whirlwind of activity that FIFA has been involved in during the last 18 months : a total of 34 events and engagements, of which 26 were in 2013 alone! Read on as Yogesh describes the breadth and diversity of FIFA's activities and his reiteration of FIFA's commitment to build an inclusive and constructive, pan-India IFA association



It took us a while putting this list together - not just because we are all so busy serving our respective clients, but also because the list is so long! I am very happy to share with you that momentum at FIFA is only increasing with time. The list of 34 events and engagements that I have listed below includes as many as 26 that we have conducted in 2013 itself! Apart from the sheer volume of activity, what is most satisfying for us is the breadth of aspects we have covered in our engagements. Whether it is key industry initiatives or knowledge sharing sessions or talks by renowned domestic and global experts or engagements with industry bodies or participation in conferences - FIFA has been active across all aspects that go towards helping advisors and distributors get to the next level.

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I would like to reiterate here that FIFA remains committed to an inclusive and constructive approach of taking the entire IFA community with us in our common endeavour to have a strong and united voice when interfacing with regulators and industry bodies, while at the same time, working purposefully towards self development of each one of us in this noble profession.

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