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From hero to zero and back to hero

Sunil Jhaveri (Mister Bond), MSJ Capital, Gurgaon

18th July 2016

In a nutshell

Sunil Jhaveri shares his inspirational journey from hero to zero and back to hero. His corporate advisory business ground to a sudden halt in 2013, with the advent of direct plans. From hero to zero overnight. To his immense credit, he reinvented himself, channelized his advisory competencies into newer market niches, and has today built up a revenue stream and industry credibility that far exceeds his earlier avatar.

This is a two part video message from Mister Bond. In this, the first part, he shares his personal journey of hero to zero and back to hero. In the next part, he takes us through our journey - the journey of all IFAs over the years since regulatory change started focusing on MF distribution, and has an important message for all of us on the right way to deal with change.

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