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The best response to regulator and media on disclosure

Sapna Narang, Capital League, Gurgaon

10th May 2016

In a nutshell

At the core of the regulator's desire for commission disclosure is a belief that distributors are getting paid more than what they are worth. At the core of media's coverage of fund distribution is a belief that investors are better off going either direct or to an RIA - but certainly not to a distributor. Distributors have expressed their sentiments in many ways on this unfair portrayal of their profession, but the best response yet is this beautifully crafted poem, straight from the heart, by one of India's leading IFAs, who has pledged to do her bit to restore "Dignity of Distribution". Poetry inspires. Let this poem from the bard of our industry inspire each distributor to stand up and do his / her bit to restore the dignity of distribution, in the eyes of all stakeholders.


What Do I Make?

What do I make asked the regulator

What do I make asked the press correspondent

What do I make, a percent or a half ?

What do I make ? oh ! What do I make ?

I make my clients believe in their dreams

I make the plans to achieve those dreams

I interpret their dreams as financial goals

I motivate & encourage them to reach those goals

I tell them stories to make them believe

I hold their hand when they disbelieve.

I show them how, it can be done

SIP by SIP, year by year. Well begun is nearly done.

I walk with them through joys & grief

Plan for all and then give them a brief.

What do I make, they ask

And I proudly say, I make a difference !!

Sapna Narang
Managing Partner
Capital League

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