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A must watch video for every IFA

12th December 2015


When the way you play the game becomes outdated, you either fade away or change your game and give yourself a longer innings. That's what Gamechangers is all about. Over the last few weeks, we have profiled thoughts and experiences of leading IFAs on how they have responded to the gamechanging introduction of direct plans. More thoughts from more leading IFAs will follow.

The WF Gamechangers column is dedicated to sharing strategies that enable IFAs to successfully change their game to respond not just to direct plans, but to any change, any event, any development that calls for a gamechanging strategy.

This video captures the essence of Gamechangers better than any words can describe. This video is the inspiration for Wealth Forum's Gamechangers initiative, and we sincerely hope it will be an inspiration for every IFA in our country.


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