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10 points for investors to consider when going direct

18th November 2015

In a nutshell

These 10 points were sent to us by a successful and rapidly growing North India based advisor, in response to our request to leading advisors to share their experiences and insights on dealing with direct. Since their firm is a SEBI registered investment advisor, and is as such supposed to be indifferent to the entire direct vs distributor debate, he was reluctant to have himself named as the contributor. He read these 10 points recently in the book "Story Selling For Financial Advisors" by Scott West and Mitch Anthony, which he thought is apt for the discussion on dealing with direct in our Gamechangers column.


If your client is considering shifting from availing your service as a distributor to going direct, here is a set of 10 points you may want to ask him to consider. If his answer to these points is "Yes", he must indeed go direct. If however these make him stop and consider whether direct is indeed the right option for him, well then these 10 points have done their job.

  1. My financial life was perfect before getting in touch with "XYZ"(your distribution firm).

  2. I prefer the service I receive from faceless clerks at toll free numbers to an investment professional.

  3. I have plenty of time to read finance journals, investment magazines, newsletters & books.

  4. I believe publications that depend on advertising revenue from manufacturers can render impartial and objective investment advice.

  5. I prefer being thought of as a computer entry rather than a person.

  6. I feel fund companies that sell to a mass market care about me and understand my specific financial goals, time horizons, and risk tolerance.

  7. The 1408 points market fall on January21, 2008, didn't concern me - neitherdo bear markets.

  8. I don't find the 1000+fund alternatives overwhelming.

  9. I am not willing to pay fees for professional services. In addition to managing my own investment portfolio, I also diagnose and treat my own medical problems& represent myself in legal matters.

  10. I feel "XYZ" can't make any difference in my financial life.

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