Roti Bank : a heart-warming initiative from Kanpur’s champion IFA


Pradeep Kumar Sinha (left) keeps a watchful eye as his team (right) distributes food packets

Pradeep Kumar Sinha of Deep Management Consultants, Kanpur’s leading IFA firm, has started a truly heart-warming initiative called Roti Bank. He distributes food packets (roti, subzi and gur) at a local hospital at a highly subsidized price of Rs. 5, for families of patients admitted in the hospital. Families take care of their hospitalized loved ones, but there’s nobody to take care of some of their own basic needs – like wholesome food at an affordable price. That’s where Roti Bank comes in. Family members often sleep overnight at the hospital, keeping a watchful eye on their hospitalized loved ones. Roti Bank promises them “Koi Bhukha Nahi Soyega” – none of these family members will go to bed hungry.

Sinhaji has tied up with a respected NGO which prepares the nourishing meal and has the packets delivered to the hospital. On day 1, 200 packets were distributed in just 30 minutes! He has deliberately decided not to give it away free, but charges a minimal amount of Rs.5, to ensure that there is no wastage.

Roti Bank has started with a plan to supply food every alternate day, but Sinhaji is keen to quickly move that to a daily plan. He has already set aside money from his savings for the next 1 year, to ensure that Roti Bank never runs out of food.

When we spoke with him, he talked about how he was moved when he saw the grateful look in the eyes of people who availed of Roti Bank’s food packets. They were touched with his gesture and also pleasantly surprised to see such high quality food being offered at such a steep subsidy. Sinhaji has already got offers from friends and fellow IFAs, who want to take up 1 day or 1 week’s expenses.

Sinhaji asked us to convey this message to all IFAs on his behalf:

“Roti Bank is an initiative that can be replicated by IFAs in every city in India. I hope what I have started serves as an inspiration to my fellow IFAs in different parts of the country, to do likewise in their own cities. Won’t it be great if IFAs make Roti Bank a national movement?”

Here is some food for thought from us at WF, following Sinhaji’s message: there are so many active IFA associations in the country. Wouldn’t it be great if each association decides to set up a Roti Bank in its own city, funded by contributions from IFAs? Why not actually seize the idea that Sinhaji has floated – of making Roti Bank a national movement led by IFAs?

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