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Three qualities that every IFA wants in funds they sell

Radhika Gupta


Edelweiss AMC

Every distributor and advisor wants funds they recommend to remain true-to-label – which Edelweiss AMC says translates to a fund manager’s responsibility of providing Clarity, maintaining Transparency and being Committed towards managing investors hard earned money. That’s a commitment that Team Edelweiss has made through its highly visible True-to-Label initiative. Read on as Radhika takes us through the genesis of this initiative as well as the Edelweiss Insights initiative which aims to empower distributors on diverse aspects of capital markets to help them enrich their client engagement.


WF: What is the genesis of the “True-To-Label” education initiative you recently launched? What was the thought behind roping in IFAs as part of this campaign?

Radhika: Over the last few months, we as Edelweiss AMC have focused on promoting the concept of True-to-Label i.e. why it is imperative to invest in funds that are simple and true to their mandate in a world filled with ever confusing names and strategies.

This is a unique and first of its kind drive by any Mutual Fund brand under the investor education initiative. This campaign focuses on our responsibility as asset managers of providing Clarity, maintaining Transparency and being Committed towards managing investors hard earned money.

The brand ambassadors and faces of this campaign are our IFAs from around the country because they simplify the product for the investor and aim to provide the most suitable product/scheme to the respective investor.


WF: In what ways does Edelweiss AMC uphold the principles of “True-To-Label”?

Radhika: As they say – “Trust is letting go of needing to know all the details before you open your heart,” the same applies to true to label funds. It means the investors should get the same thing which he wanted to buy at first place.

A scheme is true to label only if it manages to effectively communicate its investment mandates to existing and prospective investors. By doing so, the fund house can democratise investments and empower each investor with information so that s/he can make adequate provisions to take care of their goals and needs.

We at Edelweiss AMC endeavour to provide limited funds without any overlapping mandates within the funds. Following the SEBI circular on scheme categorization, we have simplified our fund names which clearly state the respective category the fund falls into. This ensures that the investment mandates are effectively communicated to existing and prospective investors.


WF: You have recently launched Edelweiss Insights for your distribution partners. What insights do you share through this initiative and how do you see this benefiting your partners?

Radhika: Edelweiss Insights is a knowledge platform launched for distribution partners. Through this initiative, we endeavour to bring the strengths of Edelweiss group across different aspects of capital markets and investments for our partners. The initiative also focuses on empowering our partners which will help them in effective communication with their clients. This knowledge, which is not restricted to Mutual Funds, aims to enrich the knowledge of our partners across asset classes and enables them to communicate with their clients in a holistic manner.

WF: Is the Edelweiss Insights program an exclusively web-based initiative or do you have on ground engagement initiatives too within it?

Radhika: Currently, Edelweiss Insights has various sub properties in the form of events, expert talk, emails, monthly calls, quarterly meets as well as a training academy covering unique topics which has never been covered in the industry.

Click below to access few reports :

Edelweiss Insights is shared through two mediums :

  • Online – Regular content shared across macro factors through emails. An online archive for the same.
  • Offline – Annual, quarterly and zonal meets which is one to many interactive expert talk sessions.
  • Expert Talks Sessions (Click below to check)

WF: In this competitive marketplace, how do you seek to differentiate Edelweiss AMC and what key attributes would you like your distributors to associate with your fund house?

Radhika: Edelweiss is a diversified financial services company and we are a diversified fund house. That doesn’t however mean that we shall run 25 schemes. We would like to run limited schemes in each category and be very true to label.

While the level of differentiations can be endless, we would want our distributors to remember us for:

  • Coming out with innovative products like the Edelweiss Maiden Opportunities Fund-series 1 to add value to the product offering and product bouquet of our partners and investors respectively.
  • Focusing on unique knowledge building platforms for our partners- Insights and the Training academy
  • Offering differentiated and holistic investment solutions across asset classes like International funds, alternative investments, ETFs, Debt, Equity & Hybrid.
  • A Fund house with focus on consistency, quality and strong relationship with its partners.

Subscription link to Insights: http://edelweissmf.com/edelweissinsights/Index.aspx

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