3 steps to make the most of investing in 2018

In this video, Kailash Kulkarni shares a recap of 2017, an outlook for 2018 and a simple action plan for investors to make the most of what looks like another promising year ahead.

Recap of 2017

  1. Acceleration of financialization of savings on the back of continued reforms

  2. AMFI's "Mutual Funds sahihai" campaign a key growth catalyst

  3. Emergence of SIP as a big brand in the world of saving and investing

  4. Monthly SIPs doubled from 5 lakh to 10 lakh SIPs during 2017

  5. SIP book crosses Rs.6,000cr per month

  6. Industry added over Rs.450,000crs in AuM in 2017

  7. Investor folios cross 6 crore in 2017

Looking ahead at 2018

  1. Government's reforms focus remains strong as ever

  2. Tax compliance improving - trend will accelerate in 2018

  3. Infra and related sectors to continue seeing robust growth on the back of Govt spending

  4. TINA will continue in 2018 - alternative asset classes not looking attractive vs equity

  5. Geopolitical events can cause volatility during the year

Action plan for investors

  1. Necessary to take a long term view (3 yr +) to make the most of equity investing

  2. 3 steps for successful investing: (1) Ask the right questions, (2) invest wisely and (3) stay invested for the long term

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