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Don't just sign here

Kailash Kulkarni, CEO, L&T MF

8th March 2016

Dear Partners,

On behalf of L&T Mutual Fund, wish all the women here a Happy Women's Day!

Through platforms such as this, L&T Mutual Fund is proud to be associated with increasing number of women IFAs by the day. All of you women advisors are an example of the potential that women possess today.

But this Women's Day we want to tell you about something that you may probably relate to, if not for yourself, for some women you know.

Let's look at an example of women we all know; women we meet every day and all the women in our lives - they research ten websites to make a value deal; they bargain 5 times to get items that are worth their price; they follow up to ensure they get the best of services. And all this, because they want to make sure they're taking the right decision.

But the moment they are asked to sign a financial document pertaining to an investment, they do it without asking any questions. Why? Women around the world are excelling at every task they take up but when it comes to deciding about their money, they take the back seat and do not get involved in the decision making process.

This Women's Day, we want to urge them to get involved in the decision making process by telling them, "DontJustSignHere."

The intent of our campaign is to tell women to be a part of the financial decision by following four simple steps - Ask, Research, Participate and Invest. To know in detail about the campaign, watch the video below.

To know more about #DontJustSignHere go to

Through this campaign, we at L&T Mutual Fund want to tell women to not make any financial decision without being fully aware.

Women, in every sphere are an epitome of perfection and we want them to re-ignite and re-visit that passion in extending it and becoming masters of their financial decisions!

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