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5 drivers that can make this your biggest year yet

Kailash Kulkarni, MD & CEO, L&T MF

15th April 2017

Kailash strikes a very optimistic note in this video where he spells out why he believes FY17-18 can be your biggest year yet. Here are 5 factors he believes will drive huge investor demand for mutual funds this fiscal:

  1. Growth and reforms focused Government, which will keep macros in good shape

  2. Stability focused RBI which should keep fixed income markets on an even keel

  3. TINA (there is no alternative) factor driving household savings towards mutual funds

  4. SEBI's C-KYC move, which will simplify one of the biggest irritants in customer onboarding

  5. AMFI's path-breaking "Mutual Funds sahi hai" multi media campaign, which will dramatically raise investor awareness around mutual funds

Just how big can this year be for growth focused distributors? Kailash asks you to think really big, plan for tripling your customer base this year. This fiscal can be your biggest year yet in this business. Even as you focus on big growth, Kailash asks you to think beyond equity SIPs for first time MF investors. Maybe, the right choice for many could be more conservative solutions like dynamic asset allocation funds - which promise to smoothen the journey for investors - a promise that first time investors would really appreciate.

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