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Roshi ARN NO :compassites software Bangalore, 14 Jun 2017

Hi Team, We are looking for financial health planning (Financial managemet & saving) for our employees(350). We are a IT company where our employees need help on investment/savings so that all their needs of commitment are taken care by the time of ritirement. Please let us know how do we get in touch with you.

Sanjay ARN NO :ARN-77070 Moradabad, 20 May 2017

I want a this programs

Sanjay ARN NO :ARN-77070 Moradabad, 20 May 2017

Very good


I know its excellent program, but i am not attended, How to enroll , when and where plz Inform next in south .

Pawan Agrawal ARN NO :96732 VISAKHAPATNAM, 30 Nov 2016

I want to attend program.

SHIVA PRASAD KONDURU ARN NO :47847 warangal, 10 Apr 2016

very good programme i attended thanks HDFC firends donot miss this LEAP

Bharat Jawaharlal chawhan ARN NO :4621 Pune, 21 Feb 2016

Excellent initiative by hdfc mf to train ifas through leap program , please tell us when is in Pune ? Where to enroll ? Thanks..

Rajesh Kumar Sharma ARN NO :29860/Shrambal Consu Kolkata , 07 Dec 2015

I like,& confirmed known

tdevendra ARN NO :sadbhavana hyderabad, 06 Dec 2015

excellent. keep posting. real wealth is not accumulation, but one which is useful for our just survival.