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Abhay Choudhari ARN NO :ARN-86764 Pune, 04 Sep 2017

I dont know why every serious AMC doesnt have their own app like ICICI. Ipru touch is far better than any other online transaction platform. Request all serious AMCs to build an app like ICICI. It will be a game changer for MFDs.

Nikhil Shah ARN NO :ARN -74723 Pune, 04 Sep 2017

Really futursitic step taken by I Pru AMC. Thanks to entire I Pru AMC team to take this step to simplify the process.

Vikaas M Sachdeva ARN NO :ENAM AMC LTD Mumbai, 04 Sep 2017

While this technology is not new, adoption of the same within the existing MF framework is revolutionary. Kudos to both the I-Pru team as well as SEBI for enabling this