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Nikita Bhavani ARN NO :ARN-111474 Mumbai, 02 Aug 2017

A fund truly worth to be in an Investors portfolio. Can outperform in down market.

Pranjal Singh ARN NO :123667 Mumbai, 02 Aug 2017

Its best fund for sip for long term have been always favourite irrespective of market timing as it truly follows its value style

UTPAL GHOSH ARN NO :ARN-103047 Kolkata, 02 Aug 2017

Value discovery is not for short term.If an investor have an investment horizon more than 5 year then this fund is good for them.presently it is not performing well as because of its value proposition.

Ravi Rajkumar Karira ARN NO :81064 Mumbai, 02 Aug 2017

5 years and 10 years SIP gave 20 pc CAGR. I avoid looking at short term performance.

Yezdi F Langrana ARN NO :3855 Mumbai, 02 Aug 2017

My investors SIP and STP will keep on coming in this Fund.

Bharat thakkar ARN NO :2706 Mumbai, 02 Aug 2017

Well said Minal. A true to its Label Fund. One of the best portfolio construct in current market condition but with a strict three year plus Investment horizon.

Anil Bapat ARN NO :24570 Thane, 31 Jul 2017

Happy to know about the fund details and will surely perform according to me.

Vikrant Kale ARN NO :Dreams Broking Mumbai, 31 Jul 2017

Complete trust in the AMC and Fund.

Sandhya Kamat ARN NO :9206 Thane, 31 Jul 2017

I have complete trust in the fund. It will surely perform waiting for the same.

Amalaraj Marian ARN NO :2408 Nashik, 31 Jul 2017

Every word Mrinal sir has said here is consistent to the working style and the mandate of the fund. Being associated with the amc team over the last 12 plus years have been enrichening. With the frequent interactions, few aspects are clearly spelt out by the management. And this is the reason for placing trust...remaining true to mandate is the key... Not getting swayed with things going around is the next. Besides value investing does require a slightly longish business cycle time frame and empirically its proven that value investing works wonders over a period of time, provided one is Willing to wait out the lean periods. Great article.

Tapash Kumar Gupta ARN NO :69342 Shillong, 31 Jul 2017

Good to know about the details of value investing.waiting for the bull phase of value discovery fund.

Lakshmi Modok ARN NO :29216 Bankura, 31 Jul 2017

superb fund, but one should have patience to reap benefits

Nisha Gupta ARN NO :121426 Naharkatia, 31 Jul 2017

As I am very new in as a MF distributor, glad to know regarding the investment philosophy of Value Discovery Fund. Thanks to ICICI PRUDENTIAL AMC.

Jayanta Shib ARN NO :72384 Tinsukia, 31 Jul 2017


Rupak Bhowal ARN NO :8781 Tinsukia, 31 Jul 2017

Thanks ICICI PRUDENTIAL for your valuable inputs regarding ICICIPRU VALUE DISCOVERY.

Abhijit Chaliha ARN NO :123939 DIBRUGARH, 31 Jul 2017

Glad to know regarding process of Value Discovery Fund. I will share this to my investors as I am vert new to the industry its given me a valuable input. Thanks to ICICI PRU AMC.

Kaushik Bhattacharya ARN NO :5497 Durgapur, 31 Jul 2017

Helpful article for distributors at current market conditions

Sanjib kr Dutta ARN NO :ARN-5089 Purulia, 31 Jul 2017

Discovery is a all time favourite fund

Mrigesh Baruah ARN NO :102562 Guwahati , 31 Jul 2017

Great to know the process flow of value discovery fund. Hope to see value discovery fund as a top performing fund very soon

Asitava Sen ARN NO :ARN-96968 Burdwan, 31 Jul 2017

One of the best funds for Sip.

Partha Bose ARN NO :ARN-92218 Durgapur , 31 Jul 2017

Very good sip fund. But investors should invest for long horizon. It is my one of the favorite fund.

Siddhartha Sankar Sen ARN NO :ARN-29221 Bankura, 31 Jul 2017

Very good fund. Fantastic for sip


Yes, agree with Mrinal singh. The name value itself illustrated its style of investing..and equity will give rewards by patience only..I think value discovery is Chhupa Rustum, keep investing stay invested, again. It will prove its unique identity as usual and become favourite choice again.

SAGAR MULE ARN NO :95307 KOLHAPUR, 31 Jul 2017

Short term performance may be vary. But in long run It will be better. Right Strategy picked as value theme. Sun pharma and Wipro may be the value picks.


Generally we are insisting long term investment more than five years in this fund. So not worried about one year performance. But the information given here is very much appreciated and it will help us to retain our clients into this fund. Historically this fund have delivered the best returns to our clients.

Ramen chanda ARN NO :ARN-5235 Durgapur , 31 Jul 2017

A bit sluggish for the last 2yrs. However I am not worried. Value funds need time unlock potential.

ANIKET BANDIWADEKAR ARN NO :118375 kolhapur, 31 Jul 2017

value discovery have always delivered better return than the benchmark. We need to give substantial time to fund pick up. We are confident on fund management and will continue with Value Discovery SIPs advice. Above information increased our confidence additionally. Thanks to WF and Ipru FM.

Arun Khatwani ARN NO :ARN-81538 Indore, 31 Jul 2017

Discovery is a synonym for Value Investment . It has demonstrated how value investment is practiced in growth market like INDIA. Good time to increase STP values , put lump sum and SIP.

Ravindra Khatwani ARN NO :ARN-88259 Indore, 31 Jul 2017

Best SIP fund and superb historic return. Under performance is welcomed in Value style. Value investment style is well practiced in Discovery fund . Good time today to put lump sum also.

Sujit Sarkar ARN NO :ARN-15076 Durgapur , 31 Jul 2017

Value Fund. I have a lot of. Clients who has invested. Good experience

Niloy Nandi ARN NO :ARN-5555 Durgapur , 31 Jul 2017

Very Good fund for SIP. Recommend. For long term

Pranav Gadgil ARN NO :Pranav Gadgil Nashik , 31 Jul 2017

A true to its core kind of a fund. Was worst performer even in 2007. So for an investor who would like to avoid to burn his/her fingers when mkts are on fire, this a fund to select. Kudos to the fund management team, for being true to the mandate.

B. T. Kurale ARN NO :64333 KOLHAPUR, 31 Jul 2017

We have earlier experienced this type of underperformance compare to peer of Dynamic Plan as well in 2013-14. But since then the bounce back is very much appreciated. Now we are confident on Value Discovery on the same path. And we are continuously advising this to our clients.

Suresh Kumar Kakani ARN NO :ARN-5596 Indore, 31 Jul 2017

Value Discovery under performing in a momentum market is true to its style. If it would have not under performed in momentum market like current market then it would have been question on its style of VALUE INVESTMENT . More better to put lump sum Money & start a big SIP in current under performance to get benefit during out-performance.