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Ritesh Banka ARN NO :49258 Kolkata, 16 Jan 2018

Excellent & insightful article from u Sir, 10 Mantras were explained in very simple language.You have explained the investment philosophy in a simple way.Do keep us updated with more informative ideas of yours.


Sir very good article , very well explained , kindly enlight us , which are the good asset allocation strategies / funds going forward , thanks

Narayan Kini ARN NO :First Assetz Bangalore, 14 Jan 2018

Dear Mr Bond, Market and Macro comparison 2007 Vs 2017 reflects your hands on experience than just an academic research paper on back testing!!. Thanks a lot for sharing your rich and vast experience.

Kumar Pherwani ARN NO :MIBL Mumbai, 12 Jan 2018

Excellent article Mr Bond. The thoughts on Alternative Thinking are clearly articulated by you and give a clear message that only an OUT OF BOX THINKING can make an investor Rise to the next level in the investment orbit. I am sure investors will take the message.

Aditya Vikram Kedia ARN NO :64916 Kolkata, 11 Jan 2018

Dear Mr Bond (Sunil ji Kaveri), as always with very clear and broad thoughts and meaningful insights. With this article I would be able to bridge the gap between my thoughts and implications. Thanks again for helping to to bridge the GAP.

Santanu Biswas ARN NO :125777 Kolkata, 11 Jan 2018

Another example of amazing wisdom from Aajay Beell which he receives from studing many books. This shoud be an inspiration to all distritbutors/advisors to read as many books as possible so that we can also have clearity required for higher growth.

Vikas ARN NO :Vision Ahead Kolkata, 11 Jan 2018

Very insightful article and your Saagird is Arjun from whom we can learn a lot.

Ravi Shankar Sharma ARN NO :ARN-62197 Howrah, 10 Jan 2018

Very nice & insightful article from u Sir, 10 Mantras were explained in very Simple language. And your Shagird, Mr Aajay, is also THINKING HATKE & OUT OF BOX and encouraging & mentioning the young & passionate advisors like me, in & around Kolkata. Thank you for sharing all your experience, looking forward for more Mantras.

Shrikant jhawar ARN NO :106392- Blue Chip st Kolkata , 10 Jan 2018

A very wonderful and simple way explaining the investment philosophy. We at times do get carried away but these articles of yours bring us back on track... Aajay beell has been in touch with me for the last last five years and has a very different way of tackling and explain things . We really are proud to be associated with him in many get together. He has always quoted u on many occasions in his conversation and we have benefited a lot from him . In times of any explanation required , we always acll him and he is more than happy to go along with us to our clients and helps us out . Do keep us updated with more informative ideas of yours.

Manuj Jain ARN NO :ICICI Pru Delhi, 10 Jan 2018

I consider myself fortunate to interact with you on regular basis (One of the benefit of living in Delhi). Please do keep writing & sharing your experiences in future as well for the benefit of all. Always amaze by your energy-level. Enjoy talking to you, always :-) Regards, Manuj

Mukesh ARN NO :32415 LILUAH,HOWRAH, 10 Jan 2018

Excellent thought process showcased by Mr. Bond and Investments are like relationships and it grows over a period of time with trust and conviction. You have always be a leader and Ajay Beel a true disciple and he has mentored us here in Kolkata. Vision and Strength to move to Second Level of Thinking can only materialise when we are in the company of successful people like YOU and AJAY.

Navin Kumar ARN NO :83441 Patna, 10 Jan 2018

Thank you for keeping your promise that you have made during the Wealthforum conference. It is a very insightful article and read more than once. Thank you

Vijay Mehta ARN NO :1897 KOLKATA, 10 Jan 2018

An insightful article. Ive known Mr. Ajay Beel for quite a while now. One thing Ive noticed about him is his humility despite being a repository of knowledge. A go-to person for a query.

Pankaj Sikaria ARN NO :MI WealthCare Kolkata, 10 Jan 2018

Very clearly written and thought provoking stuff, Mr. Bond. Your simple, yet very powerful Mantras will unveil a treasure trove of tips, strategies, and ideas that can help advisors community. SIP Exit Strategy and Contrarian Call are very good examples of Think Hatke - Second level of thinking. For Aajay Beell a very good friend of mine who believes in learning and implementing, I will say “Yatha Guru Tatha Shisya”.

vinayak sapre ARN NO :83150 mumbai, 10 Jan 2018

As always, Super stuff Mr. Bond.Very well explained. Aajay Beel is a voracious reader and a keen learner. Best thing about him he doesnt shy away from sharing the knowledge with his friends and colleagues.

Deepak Kapoor ARN NO :Gold Edge Chennai, 10 Jan 2018

Superb & thanks for sharing Mr Bond , It is always a deep learning & reminder whenever I go through your writings or videos . After reading many books & articles our brain starts complicating many issues , but your call for common sense along with Howard Marks Second Level Thinking is the key Mantra . All the Ten mantras for successful advisory practice are not light reading but each one to be internalized and acted upon to bring shining success to the advisory practice.

Vivek joshi ARN NO :Invest Affluence Howrah, 10 Jan 2018

Well said Mister bond. As always your topic of discussion is always relevant and completely focussed. A special mention for Mr. Ajay Beel, a great human being and a person who believes in perfection and does not hesitate to take calls which are beneficial for his investors, which makes him stand out of the crowd and instills the confidence amongst his investors.

Jigar Parekh ARN NO :NA Ahnedabad, 10 Jan 2018

Very valuable pieces of advice Mr Bond. I am sure those follows these pears of wisdom can succeed beyond any doubt. Mr Ajay Belle from Kolkata is really a very enthusiastic IFA, also a good friend of mine. I have had a very fruitful discussions with him many times. I truly appreciate his focus and client centric approach.


A very different & an enriching insight that you always provide and you always guide each one of us with your second level of thinking. Also worth mentioning is efforts put by Mr. Aajay who has been a true guide, a moral support, always there to help if anyone needs his guidance. Hope you both share other wonderful insights together in future.

S Mahadevan ARN NO :107505 Mumbai, 09 Jan 2018

Happy New Year Mr. Bond. What a great article to start the year. Your article is one of the most looked forward to in wealth forum. Every post has many points to help us grow our business. Keep writing more often and keep sharing such wonderful articles.

Shyam Kumar Agarwal ARN NO :23982 Kharagpur, 09 Jan 2018 the only word which comes to my mind as I read this article. The simplicityy with which you explained the mantras are second to none. Have always envied Aajay for the clearity in his thoughts and helpful nature to fellow IFAs. No wonder with a mentor like you, he is what he is. Looking forward to more such insightful articles in future.

Abhishek Mohhta ARN NO :Trustedarms Wealth Kolkata, 09 Jan 2018

[3:06 PM, 1/9/2018] +91 98301 89483: What an awesome & insightful piece of article again from MisterBond! Sir, really you are very clear about your views and thoughts no matter what the equity & bonds market is upto. The 10 Mantras which you shared are so simple, I thinks thats the reason its said Simple is Powerful. Thanks for sharing! And I know Aajay Beell personally, he is really a gem of a person and too follows second level of thinking in his practise and has been a great guide to many advisors here in Kolkata and I would like to say that you are lucky to have him as his "shishya" and you as, his and our "guru". Keep on sharing all the guru mantras. Thanks a lot!

Shifali Satsangee ARN NO :Funds Vedaa Agra, 09 Jan 2018

That was a very insightful article, Mr Sunil. Request you to keep sharing your experiences with us. Builds up our conviction on what we are doing. Kind Regards, Shifali

Aajay Beell ARN NO :51175 KOLKATA, 09 Jan 2018

Thank you so much for your kind words and it’s shows your humbleness when you took my name in your article. It’s a proud moment for me, when such a legend who is being followed by thinkers from different fields, takes my name as a credit for the article. I must use this platform to thank you for all the guidance and support that you have bestowed upon me and other advisors in their journey towards becoming successful financial advisors. Today I may not be so big as others are and so they often question my approach and tells me that I am not doing the right things at the right time and since they are far ahead of me so I also kind of used to doubt my approach earlier. But then as they say “Guru” takes you through the right path so just have faith in your Guru and you have been that Guru in my life and now I am much more confident that my path as showed by you is right. Thank You!!!

Deepak R Khemani ARN NO :7707 MUMBAI, 09 Jan 2018

A really long article by Mr Bond I hope everyone reads the article FULLY to understand its essence. Super stuff Sunil as always. Keep guiding us with your wisdom.

Vardhman ARN NO :000 New Delhi, 09 Jan 2018

Great article, shows how lateral thinking and a willed and focused mind can guide investors through uncertain times. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

ashesh ARN NO :FIN-SOFT SOLUTIONS Ahmedabad, 09 Jan 2018

You advise to Protection of downside: since there was huge in built profits (that too unrealistic); it was imperative to protect downside by booking profits & When your sizable clients Investments for redemption, How you shall keep ratios of redemption v/s. AUM within Load applicable period?

Siddharth Shah ARN NO :Shalibhadra Ahmedabad., 09 Jan 2018

A great article. This is a study material for all existing and new team members. it is a library value too which one can use when he/she is messed up in """Kya lagta hai?"""

Shekhar S ARN NO :ARN-67560 HYDERABAD, 09 Jan 2018

Seasons greetings to you Mr Bond ji. After going through the elaborate article all I can say is....Yes Mr Aajay Beell is correct for considering you as his Guru. As rightly referred by you, with Clients as Abhimanyu...then we advisors are Arjuna for them....and the best part is... you are playing the role of Krishna. Thank you for all your time in sharing your thoughts and experiences in helping out the fellow Advisors.