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Ujjawal chadha ARN NO :2138 Delhi, 27 May 2016

Really informative. Appears you have really worked on it. Keep going

Deepak R Khemani ARN NO :7707 MUMBAI, 26 May 2016

Attended a bitcoin mining seminar arranged by a group of people in Mumbai a few days ago, inviting people to become a member in leasing out bitcoin data mining hardware with a stamped paper agreement almost following an MLM model. We were enlightened about currency its origin, barter system slowly progressing to paper currency controlled by banks and now virtual currency bitcoin having no boundaries, no control, peer to peer etc and the current value of Approx 30,200 value of a bitcoin with many European nations having adopted bitcoin with bitcoin ATms and shops accepting bitcoin as a currency.Sounds wonderful but as Dilshad has said in her last line Please make efforts to educate yourself before investing in this and any other forms of financial investments