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ritu ARN NO :w2w mumbai, 10 Jan 2017

i beleive you have not considered taxation in this calculation and that is the main reason it it showing such kind of outperformnace.

Siddharth Shah ARN NO :Shalibhadra Ahmedabad., 30 Dec 2016

Generally the investor is victim of Greed and Fear. To some extent it applies to Advisors too. A proper demonstration of ALGO to investor will give confidence to investor when he is under fear. Also important part is to convince investors that during straight upward move of the market this model will not exactly follow the same speed. ALGO model is friend of Investors and advisors.

nik ARN NO :ABC Solapur, 29 Dec 2016

what about exit loads and taxation? Switching out every quarter will attract exit loads and tax. We have to consider this aspect.

Aajay Beell ARN NO :51175 kolkata, 29 Dec 2016

We always talk about this Concept Buying low and selling high . But with your Algo it really became simple to to Asset Re allocation and execute the Reallocation strategies . Your Article and your website contributing a lot in creating different strategy and also executing them for the benefit of investor

Kshitiz mahajan ARN NO :Motilal Oswal AMC Delhi, 29 Dec 2016

Fantastic write up. Sir you have been propagating asset alocstion for last 5 years and I have seen myself how well it works for your clients. Thanks for your views and articles as they are of big help to industry. Happy new year to you and all industry friends.

Deepak R Khemani ARN NO :7707 MUMBAI, 29 Dec 2016

Great presentation from Sunil with facts and figures as usual. A proven fact is that asset allocation is the key to optimizing returns, these models only enforce that view. Superb Sunil