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Trupti ARN NO :73171 mumbai, 18 Aug 2017

Thanks for that reflection of our way of working. Sometimes it works well to hear someone tell you exactly what you are doing thats what this article has done. All 4 IFAs have really put perfect thoughts and it will help in working towards the better future of the IFA segment. Mr Nilesh Shah has always emphasised and encouraged the IFA community and i think he is right we can go a long way. Gives us a boost.

Anita KANBARGI ARN NO :28230 Belgaum, 18 May 2017

Very well said. We are not selling tangible products. Its trust, faith, hope we have been building to accomplish Investor needs. This is getting stronger. We are seeing the next generation walking in. Not quantity, quality advise will keep us moving forward.

Sunil Sharma ARN NO :42991 Patna, 18 May 2017

Great discussion. Congratulations to knowledgeable participants. Fully agreeing with them I would add that except a few top IFAs , most of us, particularly in smaller cities are less confident about their work and product.If a client is giving good business, they feel so obliged. So being aggressive is out of question. This situation can be overcome by good product knowledge , being sure about our job and develop self respect.

Padam Singh Chouhan ARN NO :73114 Jodhpur, 18 May 2017

This is because Mostly Banks get data of mf investors and they forcefully push products to them whereas Ifa make fresh and new clients for mf industry

Rajarao ARN NO :82836 Jalundhar, 18 May 2017

A great article. It would have been fantastic , if the author had shared the figures of the actual share of the IFA vs other channels , along with the lapsed code AUM. I believe that IFAs have reach , and are getting stronger by the day in terms of wallet share. Actually , they are underselling in terms of the relative remuneration they get vs the other channels. Its high time that this has to change - this is the key!