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Abhijit Kulkarni ARN NO :91278 Nashik, 06 Dec 2017

Sir, Excel is wonderful, surely going to use it. I can visualize befits from it. Thank You!!!

Shrikant Bhat ARN NO :59059 Belgaum, 02 Dec 2017

Very good really helps for an IFA if an app is introduced

Rajesh bhange ARN NO :83021 Nagpur , 06 Sep 2017

Excellent work

Gopal Bandyopadhyay ARN NO :39003 Bankura, 05 Sep 2017

Very good process for a advisor.

Ravikumar ARN NO :4369 Chennai, 05 Sep 2017

Wonderful instrument, it will help boost , confident and better understand our potential

Hari Om Sharan Kher ARN NO :Swasti Capital Ranchi, 05 Sep 2017

Its very comprehensive and realistic method to measure productivity of IFA! We ll shall strive to achieve minimum 25 points every working day.

Devdatta Dhanokar ARN NO :48302 Mumbai, 05 Sep 2017

Nice article.

Pradeepkumar ARN NO :25529 Moradabad , 05 Sep 2017

Nice suggestions.

Trupti ARN NO :73171 MUMBAI, 05 Sep 2017

No words to appreciate this art work.

Vishal Rastogi ARN NO :51920 Patna, 05 Sep 2017

GM Sir, Its great to have another mind blowing tool from you here in, I guess many of these is my practice as per our discussion on last meeting in Patna ..........Thanks once again for re-energizing & fueling more to fly high ! Regards,

Dhiraj Mittal ARN NO :Ace Wealth Managers Delhi, 05 Sep 2017

You are too good !