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PRAKASH THAKKAR ARN NO :2590 Mumbai, 26 Oct 2017

Our empanelment was discontinued / cancelled by them, I fail to understand why are they interested in empanelling us now.

CA Sunit Jhamb ARN NO :ARN - 115500 DELHI, 24 Oct 2017

HSBC AMC refused to empanel us as its distributor 3-4 months ago. Maybe, the change of heart vis-a-vis IFA engagement is a recent phenomenon or they are just looking at big distributors?!? Whatever may be the case we are not holding our breath for them.

Raju ARN NO :IFA Mumbai, 24 Oct 2017

HSBC MF has been in the background for quite a long time now. If they need to come to mainstream and get support from small IFAs, they need to come on MFU. We are using MFU so conveniently that if HSBC joins, allocation of funds to schemes of HSBC would be easier. Else, we will not be able to allocate, even if we want to. Key, quickly join MFU.

yfs ARN NO :yfs pune, 24 Oct 2017

hsbc distributor empanelment is closed ,for long time , at least this is been told when contacted to customer care ,last few years

Sam Koshy ARN NO :ARN-5727 KOLLAM, 21 Oct 2017

Wishing that the good Old days will be coming again soon and will stay focused on managing funds better than competition. Its sure that experienced management like Mr Ravi Menon & Mr Madhu Nair will lead the AMC to greater levels. Wishing the new sales team all the best.