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S.venkatraman ARN NO :ARN-103104 Cuddalore, 14 Jan 2017

Great message by Mr.Sunil. Sinha must be replaced by a person Like Mr.Sunil who understands the importance of IFA

BABULI BEHERA ARN NO :73519 Sambalpur , 04 Jan 2017

Well said sir. This is the statement we are looking from all the AMCs. But, yet to see them stand positive for the IFAs. Happy new year to all. Hope for the best.

Sanjeev Deshmukh ARN NO :ARN-56633 Nashik, 04 Jan 2017

Mr.Sunil Subramaniam sir is the CEO who always supports the distributor community.He knows the importance of distributors .Industry needs more CEOs like Sunil sir. I just love his views on economy and industry.He is the guy who fearlessly supports distributors .hatts off Sunil sir.

vishvas Sutrakar ARN NO :104545 MUMBAI, 04 Jan 2017

Sunil, feeling charged after reading the headline of 80% business from Distributor. I strongly believe that the people who are sitting in regulator body not doing there homework properly to make change in existing successful model. The Govt agencies now a days showing a recklessness by coming back to back new amendments and rules and frequent discomfirt to the Economy. These regulator must understand that they should focus on how to accelerate growth of the country and not to make derail the exisiting growth.

Dweepesh ARN NO :89184 Delhi, 04 Jan 2017

Average IFA commission is 12000 per month same as rickshaw puller income . What is wrong with that industry .For whom there is a noise and knowledge.

ankit ARN NO :Karvy hyderabad, 04 Jan 2017

Very honest and unbiased opinion. MF industry need more such leader who know the pain of acquiring client as mf being push products. distributors are back bone of the industry and will remain so

Srinivasan S ARN NO :13021 Chennai, 04 Jan 2017

Sundaram MFs strength is retail and always stands by its distributors at all point of time.