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Shrirang Patherwalkar ARN NO :120513 Pune, 21 Dec 2017

Thank you Wealth Forum for this very nice article. Day to day experiences for any IFA have been explained in a very simple way. It is very important as an IFA to make sure that his/her client in convinced and want to invest money wholeheartedly rather than being aggressively pushed by someone else. Regards, Shrirang Patherwalkar

Harsh Bangad ARN NO :ARN-45587 Jaipur, 18 Sep 2017

Thanks Manish and Ashish for sharing your success story. Would also appreciate if you can help us to know how you counter questions when it comes to Direct plan or Robo advisors.

Rajesh Gupta ARN NO :Fairdeal /31724 Jalandhar, 28 May 2016

Many of us are doing more or less the same but it is different story apart to put it on wall that too in so simple way. We all can learn and refined ourselves.

AMIT GOYAL ARN NO :15095 PANIPAT, 05 May 2016

A very Good informative article, really helps IFA to set process oriented client acquisition.

Binay ARN NO :83420 New Delhi, 04 May 2016

Nice , crisp and Informative...

Rajiv Jhaveri ARN NO :Jhaveri Investments MUMBAI, 04 May 2016

Thanks a lot Mr.Ashish & Mr Manish for guiding IFAs. A very Useful & Informative article. Pls continue writing such articles.

rajesh kumar khattar ARN NO :sampark ghaziabad, 04 May 2016

Good informative and motivating article.thanx ashish ji and manish ji for sharing wonderful thought wich surely motivate the fellow advisors

Nikhil Naik ARN NO :2235 Mumbai, 04 May 2016

7 letter word for 6 steps AWESOME !!!

L. Samraj ARN NO :0435 Chennai, 04 May 2016

Good educative article. Thanks Mr.Ashish and Mr Manish for guiding IFAs.

Siddharth Shah ARN NO :Shalibhadra Ahmedabad., 04 May 2016

The Six simple Steps for those IFAs who want to to build good AUM for themselves as well as create Wealth for their investors. Vista Wealth designs very creative images which itself delivers message in few words. All this is outcome of long experience and real ground work of Duo. I have found in them, a great fire with dedication, conviction for what they are doing and vision for a great growth of Vista Wealth. Great Going. Keep it up.

Sandip ARN NO :ARN 44813 Faridabad, 04 May 2016

Very well explained and informative

Vinat Bharati ARN NO :81313 New Delhi, 04 May 2016

Great sharing. Such process will definitely help. Good contribution towards IFAs.

amit kumar jain ARN NO :40485 jaipur, 04 May 2016

Hats off to ashish ji , manish ji and their team. You really do a lot of efforts to bring in retail customers. We all follow you as our role model. Thanks for your valuable suggestions and this great article.

Rajesh Chheda ARN NO :Finance factory PANJIM Goa , 04 May 2016

Keep up the good work! Great going Ashish!

TapaniyaInvest ARN NO :Mfinvestinfo Navsari, 04 May 2016

Thank you so much dear to give steps. It will use us to talk with investor during meeting. Concept of story is so good.