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MILAN SHAH ARN NO :23940 VADODARA, 20 Apr 2017


Seemant ARN NO :Edelweiss AMC Mumbai, 03 Apr 2017

Great thought and well executed idea Amit , esp Service RM concept and Matching Grant !!!

neeraj waghh ARN NO :16709 nagpur, 25 Feb 2017

Very good idea Amit ji . Wish u best of luck for future.

Amit Bivalkar ARN NO :75320 Pune, 20 Feb 2017

Thanks for the same

Abhay Choudhari/Vijay Raj Singh ARN NO :ARN-86764 PUNE, 20 Feb 2017

Amit Sir was our boss at AIG. In retrospect I would say we were trained under the best. We knew at the start itself that he would reach the top. Amazing work ethics and commitment he brings to this profession. We also would reach some level of success because of the blessings bestowed on us at the start of our careers. He was tough and that made us skilled. Best of luck Sir. Your target should be 5000 crores of AUM.