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Amalaraj Marian ARN NO :2408 Nashik, 28 Nov 2017

The most ignored area in financial literacy is truly the mental or neurological make-up of an individual. How would a person react to a situation? Or why does a person react to a situation in a particular way? This study is all about how a person is neuro-wired, or so to say hence neuro-fired in the wake of a situation developing. A study or insight in this area is still in the nascent stages. Yet it is so very important for us to understand it. Should go a long way in creating a healthy relationship with money. Very interesting subject.

Trupti Muralidhar ARN NO :73171 NAVI MUMBAI, 13 Nov 2017

Looking forward to the Financial Therapy session.


It is a superb topic for todays stressed, aspiring and globetrotter generation who understands that Money/Wealth is important yet Long term savings do not interest them that much. Good products and solutions alone cannot bridge the gap of communication.Time has come one has to act like a true financial doctor. We advisors/distributors should be able to restrain ourselves form product driven solutions and delve much dipper to understand our clients better

SriBharath ARN NO :67139 Hyderabad, 11 Nov 2017

Great initiative. thanks. Looking fwd to the learning.

Anandaraman ARN NO :WinWin Wealth Creatr Chennai, 10 Nov 2017

Amazing. This is a good initiative by Sundaram Mutual fund. I am curious in learning Financial Therapy.

Srikanth Matrubai ARN NO :Srikavi Wealth BANGALORE, 10 Nov 2017

WOW! A Badly need one. Its always PRODUCT knowledge or Sales Skills that AMCs impart on IFAs ignoring the Behavioural part and especially the practical one that you have just given an example of. Hope the project turns out to be as good as the Teaser. Best of luck