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Vikas Gupta ARN NO :25367 Rohtak, 23 Dec 2017

I am already a Gold Plus member of your Co. but never been told about this certification. Please enroll me if possible.

Anil Kumar Grover ARN NO :ARN-112896 Faridabad, 10 Dec 2017

Pls enrol me for the program.

Alka Karnani ARN NO :ARN 46002 Kolkata, 03 Dec 2017

I am keen to attend the program.

Dwarika Prajapati ARN NO :120895 Bokaro, 11 Nov 2017

I want to attaine your program but how

Hasmukh Chinubhai Shah ARN NO :1694 Mumbai, 11 Nov 2017

Please send training program in Mumbai


Sir, I wish to attend the programme. Shall i apply or ABSL will invite IFAs. Pls. clarrify

cyprian sequeira ARN NO :ARN 33281 MUMBAI, 28 Oct 2017

Want to enroll for CFGP Programme


The CFGP program is very useful and I want to enroll my name for AFGP also. How?

Keshav Kumar ARN NO :ARN-125340 Delhi., 21 Oct 2017

Kindly let me know how to enrol, I am interested for this training AFGP/CFGP. When and on which date it will commence in Delhi.

Ashok Kumar Saraf ARN NO :60247 Bhagalpur , 20 Oct 2017

Ready to join training programme

Arvind Arora ARN NO :56507 New Delhi, 20 Oct 2017

Pl let me know how to enroll. I enquired from RM but he didnt have any information. Also, what if I want to do CFGP as well..Pl advise..thx

Madhukar S Sahane ARN NO :58522 Aurangabad , 17 Oct 2017

Kindly enroll me for this Very useful program for IFA

V.Chakrapani ARN NO :3187 Chennai, 17 Oct 2017

kindly enrol me for the above course

ALPESH N SHAH ARN NO :89229 RAJKOT, 16 Oct 2017

Please. Enroll me for the above program.

Ashok Kumar gupta ARN NO :102432 Lucknow, 16 Oct 2017

I would like to get enroled in the program

Mohit gupta ARN NO :125090 Lucknow, 16 Oct 2017

Please. Enrole me for the above program.

SURESH BHOSALE ARN NO :17568 Kolhapur, 16 Oct 2017

I like this very much.

Brijesh Kumar Singh ARN NO :93404 Allahabad, 16 Oct 2017

Thank for this type of activities

Chandra mohan ARN NO :ARN- 109804 THANE, 16 Oct 2017

Please enroll me

Dibyendu Basak ARN NO :18153 Malda, 15 Oct 2017

Very useful training for us ,please enroll me this program. Thanks

RAVI KANT SHARMA ARN NO :ARN-52747 New Delhi, 15 Oct 2017

I have made request two three times before this but no positive response from you.still I am willing to attend this program.please enroll me for this program

R.HARI RAJU ARN NO :66485 VELLORE, 15 Oct 2017

HAPPY DIWALI to ABSLMF EMPLOYEES and IFA brotheren. Try to make it a very useful training. R.HARI RAJU

R sukumar ARN NO :99318 Mysore / Karnataka., 15 Oct 2017

Sir, I am already empanelled with some other company. Can I register for the program?

Ramesh M ARN NO :40298 Trichy, 14 Oct 2017

Seasons greetings to ABSL team and all in the IFA fraternity. Kudos to Mr K S Rao for announcing the AFGP program. Yet another first in the industry. I, a CFGP, feel elated and looking forward to attend more such programs.

Sureshkumar pursnani ARN NO :35405/ sun financial Mumbai, 14 Oct 2017

Yes interested

Prabir Sharma ARN NO :ARN-43424 Sambalpur, 14 Oct 2017

Congratulations to Mr. KS.Rao & entire ABSL team. Great & Innovative work for the industry. You are creating some great money manager among IFAs. Through your these training programs. I eagerly waiting to attend it. Best of Luck. M/s. Feel Bureau Consulting.

Prakash C Yalavatti ARN NO :96267 Hubballi, 14 Oct 2017

Kodus to you Mr. K S Rao - and to your core team members. Indeed -CFGP -Level - 1 - program has helped me day - to - day task. I have been applying the learning into my profession. Eagerly waiting for level-2 training program. Dhanyavad

R N Guru Simha ARN NO :ARN-2672 Bangalore, 14 Oct 2017

As usual Mr k S Rao will come out with very good ideas good initiative from Birla all the Best Sir


Happy DEEPAVALI all my IFA friends. Its a good program.

Deepak R Khemani ARN NO :7707 Mumbai, 14 Oct 2017

Super effort from Mr Rao and the ABSL Team looking forward to attending the next level after having completed the CFGP in one of the earliest batches. Happy Diwali to all ifas and the entire team at ABSL Mf.God bless all

Balireddi Apparao ARN NO :ARN-7123 visakhpatgnam, 14 Oct 2017

Happy DEEPAVALI Sri K S RAO garu & all my IFA friends. Its a good program. We expect to create good value addition. Most of times investor behaviour infulence on the returns. Hence I request Sri K S RAO garu kidly touch investor behavioural science topics in this programe.

Virender Sharma ARN NO :ARN-56116 Kapurthala, 14 Oct 2017

Ongoing trainings are always important in this ever changing markets for IFA community; understanding the client and their needs and helping then achieving their financial goals is a big plus point in growing our business and creating wealth for clients. Great effort, other Asset Management Companies should also learn from ABSL AMC and conduct such programs on a regular basis. :)


Indeed it is a great move by champion ABSL. This is again game changer for large pool of IFAs. But if a few points are considered before enrolling every IFA for the course, a due diligence like a questionnaire be sent to IFAs mail id to evaluate the inclination of the concerned IFA towards Goal planning would be a roaring success. The reason being I have seen many IFAs , with due regards , generally attend these meetings with closed minds or hollow understanding of the complex matters. They attend the trainings, get certified and barely practice the same and even if they do ,due to lack of sincerity during training looses the grip.So, it would be better to avoid calling anybody and everybody for the certification and take a test on the lessons learnt at the end other than filling Feedback forms.

Alagappan ARN NO :Alagappan Chennai, 14 Oct 2017

Thx for the entire Birla team for bringing such a good program will be eager to join the same and will try to value to the client

B CH SWAMY ARN NO :73552 Visakhapatnam, 14 Oct 2017

Very good activity Rao Sir. " The SKY is the limit for your ambitions! " ---------------- Our AMC Privilege Club Tag. My Heartul Wishes to U & Ur team, for the Efficient Participation to lead us.

shiva prasad konduru ARN NO :47847 WARANGAL, 14 Oct 2017

Congratulations K S RAO and team for new initiative eagarly wait join this program