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Tedious and outdated process for change in nameNo. of comments:3 Deepak Kumar Bhardwaj, Chandigarh, 12370 On 25-Nov-2016

I would like to bring your attention to the tedious procedures practiced by AMCs in respect of Change in name:- The change in name rules were formulated by most AMC during a time when PAN card was not a mandatory document for investments, and they were justify to ask for marriage certificates, indemnity, banker's attestation even if the investor has neither changed the banker nor his signatures. However now with having PAN card details already in the records AMCs should change the name through a simple request for change in name if name has already been rectified on the PAN card. As all due diligence has already been done by the statutory authority.

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PAVAN M SHAH ARN NO :8001 pandharpur, 03 Jan 2017

deepakji i agree with you that there is tedious job to complete formalities . it is our duty to accommodate to accept current changeable phenomena eventhough we have not get sufficient earnings.but all changeable information has to learn & such changes has to compelled to our investor. unless we are in trouble. if investor request you to redeem the said invest & transfer to another port folio or other Mf immediately we can n''t do such things. so we have to give services to investor/ expected investor& ultimately we have to charge our reasonable fees then give services. only we have to understand what procedure has to done for different cases/ matter. hence we has to complied refresh course after 3 yrs. so i request to all ARN / IFA''s holder be alert for our future

rohit sarawgi ARN NO :3798 guwahati, 03 Jan 2017

I fully agree... since at the time of PAN Correction.. all the required documents have already been submitted.. why the same procedure to be followed again.. based on the new PAN Name , RTA should change the name in the folio ..


Deepak ji is absolutely right, No AMC is bothered towards this issue, even big AMCs are little flexible. AMCs under same registrars have different formalities and paper requirements.

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