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Birla dynamic bond fund performanceNo. of comments:1 MANOJ DESAI, MUMBAI, 9692 On 03-Jan-2017

Since a month this funds gives negative returns -11? Speaking to one of the manager he told that since interest rate cut was seems but not happen that is why we are not able to give positive return this is not reply After posting on Facebook Even 5 days passed no satisfactory answer Pl send your comment

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Tejas ARN NO :108603 MUMBAI, 03 Jan 2017

Sir, Birla Dynamic bond fund invests in dynamic bonds and hence the returns are volatile for a short horizon period. There was a rate cut expected in Dec which did not materialize and hence the bond yields increased resulting in almost - 1 % return which in turn works out to almost -11 % annualised return. However if you see the 1 year return it is a healthy 14% which is better than even several equity funds. Also the long term returns of fund has outperformed the benchmarks consistently. So pls invest in such funds keeping in mind of the volatility of dynamic bonds funds

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