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Why compulsory GST registration for small IFA?No. of comments:89 Sunita Jain, New Delhi, 5314 On 21-Jul-2017

It appears that registration is compulsory for IFAs irrespective of their turnover. According to newspaper reports less than 1000 out of 86000 registered IFAs have a turnover of over Rs.20 lakhs. In general, the threshold limit is Rs.20 lakhs in case of services. Would it not be more efficient to have the reverse charge mechanism apply so that AMC/Mutual Fund deducts the GST before disbursing the commission/brokerage and the IFA need not register under GST, ifhe/she so desires.. The government gets its revenue and the IFA is spared the agony and trouble of filing returns, depositing taxes etc. This was the case with Service tax where service tax used to be deducted at source by the brokerage/commission paying mutual fund. IFAs should send a representation to the authorities concerned. What is your opinion?

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Suja R Nair ARN NO :92183 Kottayam, 11 Aug 2017

Individual distributors whose commission is below Rs 20 lakhs need not take registration. But the AMC''s has to pay tax on reverse charge basis as per law for the services received from un registered persons. But the companies can take credit of this amount and adjust in the tax payable by them. Therefore the tax payable by the AMCs on reverse charge basis need not be deducted from the commission payable to the tiny IFAs. But the AMC''s are forcing IFAs to take registration so that they will get rid off from the reverse charges and they will also get the benefit of credit of tax paid if the IFA gets themselves registered. So the IFA''s within the limit of 20 lakhs need not take GST registration

PRAVEEN KUMAR ARN NO :15080 hyderabad, 02 Aug 2017



Sir Since AMFI has got all our details including the State we hail from, is it not easy for the AMFI to allot GST also similar to allotment of ARN Code to ease out the cumbersome procedure of individuals doing the registration. Furthermore, it would be a good idea if AMC themselves take the responsibility of deducting and paying it to the Govt. like it is done by LIC.

Dharmaraj T ARN NO :66139 Trivandrum, 31 Jul 2017

GST on IFA''s small income is like stealing from the beggar''s bowl; which is a very bad system. So, at least those earning less than Rs 20 lakhs of annual brokerage should be exempted from the cumbersome GST procedure.

Pankaj kumar sharma ARN NO :114892 Meerut, 31 Jul 2017

Not only we should raise the issue with GOI . AMFI and AMC must come forward to resolver the issue as it is in the favour of AMC also

Hema Thakiur ARN NO :119369/6183658 Thane, 30 Jul 2017

I think GST Registration is not compulsory if turnover is less than Rs.20 lakh. In fact as far as share broking is concerned Securities do not fall under the purview of GST. By turnover it is taken as the transaction amount not the income earned. It is unfair for those who do registrations for doing any business as this is going to be cumbersome, earning will be less still formalities of filing timely, frequent returns will be high. And it will attract penalty if one misses to file the return. What about Advocates who are selling Stamp papers at double the price and no service tax or any other tax is paid by them. Rs.20 lakh turnover criteria needs to be revised upwards.

P, S.Pradhan ARN NO :7956 Rourkela , 26 Jul 2017

As long as we will not fight unitedly, nobody can save to us.

Rajnish Srivastava ARN NO :116819 Agartala , 25 Jul 2017

It should be exempt from GST whose brokerage less than 20Lakhs

Shivani ARN NO :116134 Delhi, 25 Jul 2017

Hello Friends.... Greetings of the day. So I have read almost all messages. And yes we are all feeling bad about this GST development with regard to small IFAs. Almost every one is having the same issues. Raising our voice on this platform is not sufficient and I feel we must give a collective representation regarding this issue to our Finance Minister. We can take up this issue on his twitter account, may be our concerns will come in his notice and we can take up from there. some of us can come forward and take this matter to next level collectively.

AJAY SINGH ARN NO :119065 Harpalpur, 25 Jul 2017

GST Main Kya karu

SHARDANDU JAIN ARN NO :56456 Meerut, 25 Jul 2017

I agree

Bachat Ghar ARN NO :102022 meerut, 25 Jul 2017

I am with my all IFA friends and agree .

Ashok Yadav ARN NO :46390 Meerut, 25 Jul 2017

Reverse charge is more better than forward to reduce the burden on us

Neeraj jain ARN NO :8522 Meerut, 24 Jul 2017

I agree .

Srinivasan ARN NO :82204 Chennai, 24 Jul 2017

This government would never listen to IFAs,as they are not backed up by lobby groups such as CIi,Association,FICCI etc. On the contrary, bodies like AMFI, SEBI wants to eliminate IFAs and play second fiddle to FM. All of us have to grin and bear it,else look out for other business opportunities

Sudhir singhal ARN NO :16536 Meerut, 24 Jul 2017

First of all Govt. Should fix the problem and then, ascertain, who is responsible to pay tax and how? AMC''s are taking IFAs for a ride, while Govt. Has decided and settled that GST would be born by the person who consumes services or in simple words end user of the services will bear the GST, and to everybody dismay, AMCs are showing red tapism in applying the above rule, stating that the brokerage paid to IFAs are inclusive of GST and the wonder thing is "without taxing the end user GST or Service tax is levied on IFAs. This is the first issue which Govt. Should take and fix, that who is consuming the services or end user to bear the GST? Second issue: Govt. Should get the AMCs accounts to settle the the issue whether, actually AMCs levied the tax on end consumer or not, or just taxing the IFAs to cut down the TER of the scheme. How Govt. Can be so prejudice that it allows AMCs to levy the service tax/ GST on (suppose 1% charged as AMC management fees) out of total TER on investors instead of charging on whole TER. For AMC management charges investor has to bear the Service tax/ GST and on brokerage payable to IFAs it is to borne by IFAs. What an irony and double standard of AMC and SEBI. First Govt should settle above points and come out with clean hands and on exemption of Upto Rs.20,00,000/-, why IFAs are devoid of this benefit? SEBI and AMCs always talk big in the name of transparency, but when it comes to them they play hanky panky and use pressure tactics on IFAs.

Anuj krishan agarwal ARN NO :8523 MEERUT, 24 Jul 2017

GST registration should not compulsory on small income Ifa

Shashank Gupta ARN NO :106450 Meerut, 24 Jul 2017

Yes, the IFA earning less then 20 lacs should be exempted..

Anil Kumar Grover ARN NO :112896 Faridabad, 24 Jul 2017

I fully agree with u where is the need for GST Registration of IFAs whose turnover is meagre.It is sheer nonsense & a great cause of worry for IFAs. Let better sense prevail on part of the law makers.

Sanjeev Agarwal ARN NO :38037 Meerut, 24 Jul 2017

Yes, IFA earning less than 20 lakh should get ehe exemption.

Anuj Kumar Rastogi ARN NO :72883 Meerut, 24 Jul 2017

Yes, we should send a representation

Umesh kumar gupta ARN NO :4353 Meerut, 24 Jul 2017

Very good initiative

Manoj Srivastava ARN NO :39434 Meerut, 24 Jul 2017

Fully agree that 85000 advisors getting less than 20 L should be spared from getting registered and filing returns throughout the year

P RAVI KRISHNAN ARN NO :2533 Rourkela, 24 Jul 2017

Posted by Jayraj J. Dabhi on 23-Jul-2017 ARN NO :116256 City :Rajkot Its a clear always taxes to be bear by the end user (customer) even in insurance field there where service tax or GST whichever was/is applied/apply borne/bear by customer. So why we should bear the GST, because the service recipient is investor and always all taxes to be bear by service recipient (end user). Government should consider our problem and the should given exemption us from GST. In percentage or brokerage of ours is also nominal in respect of insurance filed, and both are similar financial field. Kindly refer to above post by Mr. Jayraj J. Dabhi.. I totally support his view. Payment of GST by IFAs is one million dollar question, which is still unanswered by Finance Ministry. Since Financial products are for investors, then latter has to pay for GST like a customer is paying for GST in Shopping Mall, Movies, Restaurant, buying products etc. Then whats the reason for deducting GST from our earning? We, as intermediares, should be exempted from paying GST. Government must hear our voice seriously and should rollback our GST status.

c. g. daware ARN NO :ARN-22804 akola, 24 Jul 2017

in fact there is no harm for getting registered for gst but the after formalities are embrassing and troublesome. so fin ministry should take declaration from ifa havingb income less than 20 lacs,, and exempt them frm direct deducting tax

abhi ARN NO :101407 Ambala, 24 Jul 2017

This is entirely unjustified with small IFA''s who have a turnover of less than 20 Lacs. Most of them do not have offices, paid staff or any other setup, they operate from their homes. Govt. must look at this common man category who will suffer because of govt wrong decision. Thanks

RAJESH KAPADIA ARN NO :49561 surat, 24 Jul 2017

its very cheep decition from finince ministry. because of small ifa have no any setup , like office premise . no infrastructure , no any staff for collection and admin work, small ifa self employed why bother very big tax ?

Rajesh Pal Singh ARN NO :78477 delhi, 24 Jul 2017

This is unfair to deduct 18% on the commission where annual earning is below 2 lacs. The govt must look to take back 18% RCM where earning is below 20lac


Its an unwanted load imposed on IFA earning less than 20 lakhs. The most important thing is that the GST registration column doesn''t show mutual fund column but it shows LICGICREAL ESTATE, FINANCIAL AND BANKING.

Roop Kishore ARN NO :93104 Agra, 23 Jul 2017

I am agree this unfair for small IFA''s

Rakesh Pradhan ARN NO :10077 Delhi, 23 Jul 2017

I think that GST on small IFA is illegal and unfair also. We are not the end user of the services. So we should fight against it in the court of law.

Anil Kumar Zalani ARN NO :ARN6656 Indore, 23 Jul 2017

I fully agree that 85000 advisors getting less than 20 L should be spared from getting registered and filing returns throughout the year.This will unnecessarily increase department work also.lmagine how much time, energy can be saved if a favorable decision is taken.There will be no loss to the government either if AMC is deducting and paying


I agree. Why make the advisor file so many returns? The government gets its tax from the AMC, so it should be able to agree to it.

Jayraj J. Dabhi ARN NO :116256 Rajkot, 23 Jul 2017

Its a clear always taxes to be bear by the end user (customer) even in insurance field there where service tax or GST whichever was/is applied/apply borne/bear by customer. So why we should bear the GST, because the service recipient is investor and always all taxes to be bear by service recipient (end user). Government should consider our problem and the should given exemption us from GST. In percentage or brokerage of ours is also nominal in respect of insurance filed, and both are similar financial field.

Christopher Sequeira ARN NO :0356 Mangalore, 23 Jul 2017

I agree. Why make the advisor file so many returns? The government gets its tax from the AMC, so it should be able to agree to it.

Surya Prakash Donthula ARN NO :62987 WARANGAL, 23 Jul 2017

IFA getting service charges from AMC''s for rendering sevices. All government employees are giving his services, so that he is getting salary means service charges. Is he paying GST ??. Why GST for IFA ???. IFA is paying 1. Income tax 2. Mucipal tax for office 3. Marketing expences 4. Office maintanance charges ( rent, mobile bill, electricity, staff salaries, etc.) After deducting these charges he is earning net income ( salary).

Vinod Kumar Airan ARN NO :6247 Charkhi Dadri, 22 Jul 2017

To destroy small IFA to impose gst on gross commission less than 20 lakh.Amfi data shows 70 % commission earned by top 10 brokerage firm .I earned only rs 5 lakh commission I am giving income tax as well as gst and my operating exps extra it is not justify by govt.I think govt kill medium family and benefited to rich segment.

Rajendra Kumar Rath ARN NO :108212 Bhubaneswar, 22 Jul 2017

I am an ARN holder in Mutual Fund, My brokerage is Rs 10000 annually which means Rs 800 - 850 monthly.Suggest when my brokerage is not more than Rs 20 lakhs annually, is it needed for me to have GST registration?. Tell me procedure how to inform AMCs not to deduct GST from my brokerage as I am below the earning level of Rs20 lakhs annually. Thanks

Chetan Doshi ARN NO :0605 Indore, 22 Jul 2017

I think RCM will be the best method of collecting GST from distributors for IFA they will be free from other formalities and on GOVT part they will get 100% of revenue from distributor community and to have limited assessee for collection of revenue. Win win situation for both IFA , Govt and AMC .Must represent to Govt showing the benifits of RCM low chances of FB tax evasion 100% revenue collection and lesser efforts by shdemonstrating this I think Govt will implement RCM in our case.

Utpal kr.kar ARN NO :14335 Bankura, 22 Jul 2017

GST means headech paying tablet in fevour of mine.Because small IFA ''s income snached forcebly by hook or by crook.Small saving scheme decreased interest rate day to day and saving already closed. Mutual fund earning GST & Income Tax implied this is injustice and unfair. So Ministry of Finance look over this system. We are Indian citizen and also voter. So,small IFA relief from GST liabilities.

Vipul Jain ARN NO :5358 Indore, 22 Jul 2017

AMCs are acting like Firangis, Divide and Rule the IFAs. They hired high profile Audit Firm just to have dicey interpretation of GST Act and lousy recommendation of registration of all the distributors. ( Not very difficult to understand, It is in interest of their community - One Lakh new customers ) Some big and other over smart IFAs are already registered and updated the details with AMCs again with a misunderstanding and sheer lollipop of Input Credit. With support of these registered IFAs, AMCs will force all the distributors to get the registration. We all are brainwashed that after implementation of GST Act no body in India will be able to any Business Activities without getting GST registration. I urge with folded hands to all my IFA brothers and sisters to not to get Registration and let AMCs deduct and deposit it under Reverse Charge. If majority of us follow it, AMCs will not be in a position to force us for registration and will not stop doing business with us. The Department after having collected its revenues will also not be in a position to create our liability again and threatening us. Finally with big revenue figures in two three months, the department will surely think about our industry to be included in compulsory Reverse Charge Mechanism. Just wait for two three months. After all we are not committing any big economic offence by not registering. Thanks.

Parmanand Thakur ARN NO :109730 Jamshedpur, 22 Jul 2017

Dear sir, As per previous rule above 10 lakh Rs IFSC require service tax registration. Current rules is not good to small IFA . Please revise this so can small IFA does not affected.

Jyoti Dhawan Kataria ARN NO :52221 Panchkula, 22 Jul 2017

I think it''s totally unfair. Is GST solving tax problem or creating problem IFA.? Govt is not worried about self employed. I think AMC should take up the matter with Finance minister & solve it immediately.

MEENU KWATRA ARN NO :9987 Amritsar, 22 Jul 2017



We as IFA providing services to AMC so AMC should pay GST, magority of IFA having gross receipt less than tharshold limit 20 Lakhs , we must get exemption limit.

Jignesh shah ARN NO :38762 Mumbai, 22 Jul 2017

Small ifa should be allowed exemption

ashok kumar gupta ARN NO :58625 chennai, 22 Jul 2017

I too agree.I don''''t agree paying GST at all to the Govt

R K JAIN ARN NO :10158 firozabad, 22 Jul 2017

you are correct when gov will not loose a single penny, why it is being made compulsory. It is also great disparity between IFA of Mumbai and IFA of any other State. Because IFA of mumbai is not required to be registered if there commission is up to 20 Lakh, he is exempt. it require urgent attention of Gov to remove disparity and also against the principle of equality as provided u/article 14 of Indian Constitution.

Charanjit ARN NO :98268 JALANDHAR, 22 Jul 2017

I think there should be a mechanism that ensure taht the IFA earning less than 20 Lakhs of brokerage have the opton not to register under GST, Like the option available to small traders.

Nishikant ARN NO :34501 wardha, 22 Jul 2017

It is unfair & Injustice to Small MF distributors to force them to pay 18% GST + 20% - 30% income tax. why not the AMCs bearing part of it. are they not the service providers to investors ? Large AMCs have net profits of 300 crore - 400 crores & they r not sharing any burden of GST. while small, unorganised MFDs has income of few lacs to support his family is forced to pay entire 18% GST. out of 80,000 MFDs hardly 1000 have income above 20 lac, then why others have to suffer due to this anamoly. How can PWC, AMFI dictate such absurd taxation on MFD. all the distributors who have Twitter account plz Tweet to PMO, FinMin Arun jaitley & Revenue secretary Dr.Hasmukh adhia regarding this injustice to small MFDs. there is no use by posting comments here, let our voice reach to decision makers.

Dwipa Mankodi ARN NO :74762 Vadodara, 22 Jul 2017

Agree...Small IFAs should be spared of these hassles by allowing reverse charge mechanism.

saradamma vadla ARN NO :106604 hyderabad, 22 Jul 2017

Mutual fund AMCs should take up the issue with govt and see that GST is exempted to all ARN holders whose itotsl income is below the threshold limit for which they can obtain declaration from ARN holders and continue to pay without deduction of GST in the best interest of mutual fund business growth. This reverse charge mechanism should not be applied to this MF brokerage .

Deepak Khurana ARN NO :15783 Pulgaon, 22 Jul 2017

I agree with you Madam,The Govt seek revenuethan why not by reverse charge for all IFA''s, Why burden of regular returns,when AMC''s may do it easily by deducting GST at source.

Arindam Sinha ARN NO :24836 Jamshedpur, 22 Jul 2017

I fully endorse the view expressed by Sunita Jain. In fact the obligation to pay GST devolves on the AMCs --- just like it was for a period in the erstwhile Service Tax regime -- when Service Tax was being deducted from the Gross Commission payable to small distributors like us --- and Net Commission was being paid. Again, since there is a clear provision in the GST Act where anybody having an annual income below Rs 20 lakh need not register himself/herself, I simply cannot understand why the AMCs are arm-twisting small MF distributors (by way of bombarding them with e-mails after e-mails), who are sure that their annual income would be well below the prescribed limit of Rs 20 lakh, to go for GST registration. If small MF distributors like us cannot avail of the Rs 20 lakh limit (for non-registration), why on earth has the provision been kept in the act? We strongly feel that if AMFI cannot voice the concerns of a large section of small distributors and protect their interests, let it go ahead and humbly ask the government to make a suitable industry-specific amendment in the act which would require all MF distributors, irrespective of their annual income/turnover, go for compulsory GST registration! I am also baffled as to how intellectuals running the different AMCs in the country are asking each and every distributor to register themselves under GST without mentioning any exception to the rule (like the Rs 20 lakh cap)! Is there a conspiracy to be smelt? We have so far been hearing of mis-selling of funds by distributors. What we are witnessing today (with GST) is outright mis-selling of provisions of the law! This surely is the height of any MIS-SELLING on earth! I am also amazed at the slowness AMFI has displayed so far to react to such an important issue when it should have been proactive in disseminating and conveying the factual situation to a large number of small MF distributors who find themselves caught between the devil and the deep sea. Sooner their anguish is extinguished the better it would for the entire industry as it can thereafter move ahead confidently (as several small distributors today find themselves hit-and-immobilized by the GST registration dilemma).

rajesh kumar ARN NO :103209 new delhi, 22 Jul 2017

very right and accurate in her point of view. i am with the view that small ifa''s should be exempted from the hassle of doing all the relevant exercise i support your efforts.

Sunil Kumar Gupta ARN NO :1103 KOLKATA, 22 Jul 2017

I agree with Sunita, let the AMC''s deduct taxes and deposit it with the govt, this will save us the trouble for filling , govt will get its revenue and the distributors can concentrate in developing his business.

Mangesh Rajhansa ARN NO :119306 Nashik, 22 Jul 2017

I think, AMFI/RTA should collect self declaration forms from individual distributors, mentioning, my turnover is less than 20 lacs and when it crosses, threshold limit, I will apply for GSTIN,and upload to CAMS. GSTIN registration is quite easy, but paperwork later on is really, tedious, and will definitely impact small distributors like us. FIFA to take this matter on top most priority, and resolve latest by 27 th July. 18% GST,is substantial amount for a small distributors.

Hari Baldawa ARN NO :44816 Mumbai, 22 Jul 2017

Sorry for repated comment. I suggest, the blogging software should mention the successful acceptence of comment.

Dilip V. Maniar ARN NO :0819 Mumbai, 22 Jul 2017

Perfectly right. The whole purpose of collection will be solved & it will be business easy for IFAs.

Hari Baldawa ARN NO :44816 Mumbai, 22 Jul 2017

The limits of 20 lakhs for GSTN and 75 lakhs for composit are to fool public and small businessmen. These are not genuine limits unless the business chain is pure B2C, i.e. the customer doesn''t want to take benefits of GST input credit. In case of IFAs, there is no choice not to have GSTin for 0 or 20 lacs or 75 lacs and above. Without GSTin we cannot claim input credit. Again, once we have GSTin we have to file GSTR1 and GSTR2 every month, which is complete new and heavy burden for IFAs. Govt. is favouring corporates and has not even a genuine thought towards small businesses like ours. If GST is not modified with absolutely sincere focus to small businessmen like IFAs, it will create unnecessary burden and plenty of unemployment, which is already happening after improperly planned demonetisation.

K k patidar ARN NO :ARN29791 BHOPAL, 22 Jul 2017

I agree with the idea that amc may deduct service tax from brokerage ,so that small ifa maybe spared? from going through tedious cumbersome process

Bablu Pandey ARN NO :98470 Kolkata, 22 Jul 2017

What about those who don''t fall under the Taxable income. Still they have to register for GST

Ravinder Bhardwaj ARN NO :114093 New Delhi, 22 Jul 2017

Of course, it makes it easier for small advisors and help them focus on getting more investments than get bogged down in some paper work esp when your turnover is low. In any case the AMCs are going ahead to deduct the GST charges from your brokerage. It is just that more paper work would be done by the individual broker. It is high time this is sorted out as a lot of fear is being instilled in the media on this issue.

ANIL KUMAR SINHA ARN NO :ARN-4914 Patna, 22 Jul 2017

This is impractical and wrong approach to give burden of GSTon small distributors who earn less than RS. 2000000 PA.The AMC should not deduct gst from those small distributors who have not taken gst no.Like insurance companies AMC should also levy gst on customer through increasing expense ratio.

Vidyashankar Srikantiah ARN NO :ARN-118535 Bangalore, 22 Jul 2017

I have got temporary GSTN number & ready to submit my form for new registration. Registration is easy, but I am withholding this due to my ignorance about further Month on Month filings/undertakings that we need to carry out as part of business which is new to me at least. Unless we understand how much of additional work we need to undertake I feel those below 20L should wait to register. Please correct me if I am wrong & if some light is thrown on basic responsibilities that we need to additionally take up it will be helpful.

Sanjay Phadnis ARN NO :19486 Kolhapur, 22 Jul 2017

I am against the GST policy which is made for MF distributors since in GST policy GOI is mentioning that below Rs.20 lakh dont have to pay GST & hence not require for GSTN. But for MF distributor they are applying mechanism of reverse & forward which is vey much disturbing for small IFAs.

Alok Kumar Srivastava ARN NO :53419 Lucknow, 22 Jul 2017

Actually I am in a fix whether government want to collect revenue or want to puzzle the small scale distributors.


Yes, just like a LIC-GIC Agent MF Distributor should be in RCM so upcoming hassels may be save of GST returns every month. Than MF Distributor will concentrate only on regular business. Before 01-04-2016 MF Distributor was in RCM for service tax but FIFA has demand for exemption for below 10lacs commission earning IFA than from 01.04.2016 Service tax in FCM than all small IFA got exemption of 10lacs. Now nobody has exemption to save money so now we all IFA should demand for RCM it is benefited for all IFA. I urge to FIFA for this only one demand from Government is that pl add MFD in RCM list.

Pramod Kr Bothra ARN NO :20028 Kolkata, 22 Jul 2017

This is totally unfair, I strongly have objection towards this kind of double standard play by the government. One side showing relief to small businessman whose turnover below 20 Lacs and other side reverse charge mechanism apply for them. This is like saying to thief go for theft and asking police to catch the thief. I am totally disagree with this double standard action from the government. This should be rectify with immediate effect. This can be resolve by lowering GST rate with different slab like 5, 10 & 20 Lacs.

Smt A.D.Goel ARN NO :18199 Hyderabad, 22 Jul 2017

I agree with your suggestion.

consultandrelax ARN NO :106658 KANPUR, 22 Jul 2017



AMC should collect GST from customers not from IFA Agreed with your opinion because ifa with less than 20 lakhs brokerage are having less infrastructure and staff to fulfill all required paperwork , so it''''s difficult for them to manahe

MEHUL JHAVERI ARN NO :ARN-0181 Mumbai, 22 Jul 2017


Amitava Bose ARN NO :23112 Kolkata, 22 Jul 2017

Dear Sunitaji, Firstly, I''m not sure whether this threshold limit of Rs.20 Lakh stands for what? Does it signify our Annual Income or it signifies volume of Business procured by us in a Financial Year? I have heard divergent views about this limit of Rs.20 Lakh. The term "TURNOVER" is mentioned in GST Rules. In my understanding Turnover means Business Procured. Is GST applicable on Sales (Turnover) or on Income (Profit). I''m utterly confused. Secondly, If an IFA doesn''t register for GST what will happen? Particularly those IFA''s whose Annual Income falls much below Rs.20 Lakh or may be even 6-8 Lakh. If one is compelled to get registered under GST should he / she get refund of excess GST deducted by Fund Houses? Procedure wise is this GST would be like Income Tax or like erstwhile Service Tax? Madam, the points I have mentioned above are my concerns not opinion. In very simple words whatever has been done to our fraternity in regard to GST is devastatingly damaging particularly for the smaller income earning IFA''s. They will be compelled to leave work independently, and have to deposit their procured business to Big and Giant brokerage earning IFA''s / Distributor Houses. OR else grow big. I am helplessly pained to say that this Government doesn''t want small income earners to work and live. With Regards.

Umesha ARN NO :93206 Mysore, 22 Jul 2017

AMC should collect GST from customers not from IFA

Dushyant Chaturvedi ARN NO :62647 Bharuch, 22 Jul 2017

Agreed with your opinion because ifa with less than 20 lakhs brokerage are having less infrastructure and staff to fulfill all required paperwork , so it''s difficult for them to manahe

Bimal Bhattacharjee ARN NO :106936 Kolkata, 22 Jul 2017

Dear Sirs, How registration under GST for all ARN holders may be made compulsory irrespective of any ceiling as fixed under the GST . Moreover, the business is procured for the Fund Houses with remuneration in the form of Commissions etc. for which , the ARN holders will come under Income Tax . The obligation for filing GST Nos. and periodic monthly / yearly returns etc. should be the job , risk and responsibility of the Fund Houses who is doing Business for their Company not the ARN holders . I am of the opinion that every aggrieved ARN holder should raise a voice against the unethical instruction of the Fund Houses and AMFI , else, the matter should be highlighted to the appropriate authority or continue legal proceedings jointly. Bimal Bhattacharjee, Advocate , Calcutta High Court.

L. Samraj ARN NO :0435 Chennai-90, 22 Jul 2017

An exemption is exemption whether the earning comes from own State or from other States. Why should the persons earning less than Rs.20 lakhs be charged to GST for the sole reason that the income has come from other than his own State? As regards Mutual Funds, all the AMCs are located in Mumbai and all the IFAs living outside Maharashtra are all penalized. Is this justification? GST should not be applicable for all if their income falls below the exemption limit of Rs.20 lakhs irrespective of where he/she lives.

Rajeev ARN NO :343423 Delhi, 22 Jul 2017

1. I feel registration should be compulsory only if it is beyond an amount. AMC are already regd, so amounts paid to us is always in the known domain. 2. As regards applicability of GST is concerned, it is a govt decision. But I feel we can ask for cover under composition scheme, so that GST incidence is 1 % and reporting procedure is less. 3. IFA interest has never been in the mind of regulator or the AMC. To me it appears AMC want to follow the banking model, where MF becomes like one of the services where individuals will come and avail these services. IFA are creating this awareness & once MF gets commoditised they shall have no role. We are a disposable commodity & we will suffer.

Naam ARN NO :1111 Zumdahl, 22 Jul 2017

Aur do Modi ko vote, Koi sunwayi nahi, koi reasonable taxes nahi. Brokerage pe GST with registration, annual income pe income tax AMC waise hi koi help nahi karti, We are left on our own, sab bill mein extra tax, par gift ke liye Gold liya to 3% GST, Client ka pension fund create kiya to meri service pe 18%, which one is more important?

G MADHAVA RAO ARN NO :15084 khammam, 22 Jul 2017

The foremost doubt I have is that whether it is Rs 20 lakhs income or turnover. Is there any difference between income and turn over? If so why they use the both terms at once? It is not true that (in my opinion) only around 1000 IFAs are having turnover of Rs 20 lakhs. IT MAY BE ONLY 1000 IFAS have income of Rs 20 lakhs. Please verify.

Devendra Gandhi ARN NO :88909 MUMBAI, 22 Jul 2017

I do agree to the point the IFA be spared from filing and registration instead they should be as per Service tax

Harsha Dholu ARN NO :103876 Thane, 22 Jul 2017

I agree with sunitaji that IFA ...If turnover is less than Rs.20 lakh.. then not need to register and AMC should be paid GST under RCM

naam ARN NO :111 zum, 22 Jul 2017

Bhai MF Sell karane ke bajay Sabji Becho. Sabji is more profitable than MF. I have prepared a Thela for myself and sells Sabji. I used to call as "Sabji lelo bhai Sabji sssss MF se sasti Sabji ssssss Aaloo le lo Balanced Fund Jaise kaam karata hai. Kuch Sabji nahi to aaloo ki sabji karo ya bahot kuch hai to bhi aaloo chal sakata hai sssss" "Bhidi aajakal Eqity MF Jaise ho gayi hai bahut sasti hai.... Tamatar large Cap jaise hai bahut mahenge hai" "Sabji lelo" now I am earning much better than I used to sell MF. SEBI and AMFI ne to hamari mar hi di hai.

Ganesh Rajput ARN NO :0226 Navsari, 22 Jul 2017

There should not be interstate gst for services or goods ( specially financial services) for below 20 lac turnover. If govt made it compulsory and give option to deduct by payee (service receiver) in reverse mechanism, why should make it compulsory to register. If amc pay and give to govt on behalf of us. i do not have problem. if i want to take input credit, i will think later and register my self. As far as i or amc paying gst, there should not be compulsory requirement for registration or penaly on it....

Naresh ARN NO :115353 Faridabad, 22 Jul 2017

I have applied for the gst and my annual income is way below the threshold limit. If registration is not mandatory then we will also save money on account of money paid to CA. There are hassles of depositing taxes and filing annual returns. I can always get my registration cancelled if it is made non mandatory.

DEBRAJ SENGUPTA ARN NO :ARN-38509 Kolkata, 22 Jul 2017

It is true that IFAs irrespective of Income band has been pushed to compulsory GST regn. Moreover, even after that small IFAs not having a offices, staffs cannot take Input credit and maintenance cost of GST professional would be pretty high.The same has not been the case with Life Insurance Industry( barring Pvt. life cos). Both LIC and SBI Life chose to bear the GST on themselves on behalf of their agents.

Abhishek shukla ARN NO :ARN-104765 Bhopal, 22 Jul 2017

There should be only declaration of less then 20lakh so amc will not deducted its harassment for us as small income holders

Manoj Jain ARN NO :ARN-81793 Mumbai, 22 Jul 2017

I don''t agree paying GST at all to the Govt

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