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Aadhar UpdationNo. of comments:4 Amalaraj Marian, Nashik, 2408 On 06-Dec-2017

All new application forms are now compliant for including Aadhaar number and the same gets captured. However for all existing folios wherein we do additional purchase/switch/ Renew SIP/STP/etc, if the Aadhaar number is mentioned then technically it is the same process right? I understand the same is not a process at this point of time. The information is not being captured as of date. From our end we have over the last two months mentioned aadhaar numbers on every transactions. Today I realized that, there is a gap, and this is not happening. I request the concerned persons, to kindly give a thought over this and to simplify the matter, so that the implementation is smoother easier and faster. The online process has its limitations. Karvy and FT process are simpler while CAMS is a huge turnoff.... many a times due to some change in information the otp doesn't arrive, ending the process with a failure.

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chandrashekhar kulkarni ARN NO :15259 nashik, 13 Dec 2017

when pan & aadhar is already linked then what is point again asking ti kink with mf or insurance.it is waste of time.unnecessary burden IFA.AMFI is has no guts to object with SEBI or finance ministery for that matter. intellectual bankrupt people sitting on top & foolishly asking to link aadhar.when pan & aadhar already linked by every individual in country.Same data to capture when MF insvestor is concerned.instead of making procedure simple.AMFI & SEBI official so called intellectul are behaving without brain

Sachin J Sangle ARN NO :24765 Nasik, 11 Dec 2017

When all AMCs derive data for KYC from centralised agency, then why there is a need to update Aadhar number to 4 different RTAs? Actually if we submit any transaction for existing investor and providing aadhar details, but AMCs required consent by investor to verify aadhar number with UIDAI database.

Stanislaus Dsouza ARN NO :40706 Shirva (Udupi), 08 Dec 2017

To update Aadhar number the process of Franklin is very easy. No OTP is required. I kindly request CAMS & Karvy follow the procedure of Franklin.


AmalJi, I fully agree with you, like FATCA Aadhar should be updated with any type of Commercial Transaction. RTA/AMC should upgrade their systems likewise. If they are not able to update the Aadhar with any other Commercial Transaction (except Fresh Purchase), how they are going to update the same post 31 Dec., 2017... ALL AMC''s & RTA''s should give a Thoght for this... "LOGICALLY WHEN MY PAN IS LINKED TO AADHAR WHAT IS THE NEED TO LINK IT SEPERATELY WITH MF"

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