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Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC launches

Bal Bhavishya Yojana

NFO Period: Jan 22 – Feb 5, 2019

The welcome yet nascent trend of naming MF products in Hindi for wider understanding and appeal has got a big push with industry major Aditya Birla Sun Life launching its Bal Bhavishya Yojana. “Bal Bhavishya Yojana” speaks directly to the consumer, addressing a core need, in a language that a vast part of our country is more comfortable with, than English.

The fund itself packs in a number of features that encourage long term savings, yet offer flexibility where needed:

  • There is a lock-in which is either 5 years or until the child reaches 18 (whichever is earlier).
  • The investor can choose between an equity oriented option (the Wealth Plan) or a debt oriented one (the Savings Plan) and can also switch between them.
  • Switching between the two plans is permitted.
  • Investments can be made by entities other than the parents – which therefore opens up gifting options from grandparents and other relatives.
  • SWP plans can be created based on specific needs of the child, subject to lock-in.

Distributors are increasingly taking to goal based selling to strengthen their client relationships, get their customers into disciplined long term investment strategies and at the same time build long term sticky assets for themselves. In such an environment, a product like ABSL Bal Bhavishya Yojana is a truly handy solution – one that enables distributors to engage in meaningful, goal based conversations with their clients, help them plan and leverage the flexibility of the product, put their clients on the road to realizing the dreams and aspirations of their children, and build their own AuM with genuinely long term assets.

Click on image below to download investor communication on ABSL Bal Bhavishya Yojana


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