The best investment your clients can ever make


Vijay Venkatram, Managing Director, Wealth Forum

imgbd It's true - can there really be a better RoI than saving a life? As a distributor who is the vital last mile link in the chain between investments and investors, can there really be better use of your time than to get your clients to invest in a fund that saves precious lives? The best investment product your clients can ever invest in is back in its 3rd edition - and my sincere request to all distributors is if you haven't participated in the earlier two rounds in 2011 and 2014, please don't miss the bus now - take that extra effort to talk to your clients about this fund and mobilize as much as you can to help save as many lives as you can. This is one product where no amount of pushing will be wrong selling!


The HDFC Charity Fund for Cancer Cure opens for subscription today. This is the third edition of this 3 year closed ended debt fund, where the fund returns (along with a matching contribution from HDFC AMC) go towards providing medical treatment for cancer patients who simply cannot afford it. So, when your client invests in this 3 year closed ended debt fund, he will get back his principal at the end of the 3 year period, while the returns from his investment (multiplied by 2 - being the matching contribution from HDFC AMC) will go towards funding cancer treatment for needy patients across India.


We covered the earlier two edition in 2011 and 2014 on WF: What an idea, Sirji ! and Hats off to you, Sirji !. We are indeed privileged to have within our industry a leader like Milind Barve, who has been consistently championing this cause - not just by mobilizing funds and matching contributions from his AMC - but also by selflessly devoting time every fortnight for the last 6 years and into the next 3 as well, in closely monitoring this initiative as a GAC member right from screening and selecting the most needy patients, to monitoring progress reports of all patients. What a great effort, Sirji !

In the 3rd edition, the amplification of returns through matching contributions from HDFC AMC has been institutionalized through the offer document (it was done in the 2nd edition through Board approval). The OD now mandates a matching contribution from HDFC AMC upto an annual outlay of Rs. 15 crores towards this effort. That's a lot of money that the fund house is putting on the table to give wings to the returns on your clients' money and amplify the benefits for needy cancer patients.

Unique sales pitch

For selling funds, one normally needs to demonstrate to the client the following:

  1. Performance track record

  2. Fund management credentials and robustness of processes

  3. Portfolio composition

  4. Dividend history

Here is a unique sales pitch covering all these aspects - for you to showcase this fund to your clients:

Performance track record


Fund management credentials and robustness of processes


Portfolio composition


Dividend history



I spoke with Milind a couple of days back about this initiative. I asked him what his most memorable experiences have been during this 6 year long journey and his message to distributors. Here's what he has to say:

imgbd For me, the most memorable experiences have been interacting with the beneficiaries and their parents (since most beneficiaries are children). Access to free medical treatment when hope was lost, has been a life changing event for so many of them - interacting with them gives a profound sense that we are on the right track and deepens one's resolve to try and do more.

The other experience I have had is that wherever I have gone and spoken about this fund, about this initiative, I have always seen a keen willingness to give - the only thing that has been holding back so many people was lack of awareness of credible programs they can extend their support to. Its really for all of us therefore to make that effort to reach out to investors and let them know that there is this credible program with an established track record - the more we raise awareness, the more we will be able to save lives.

My request to every IFA is to reach out to your clients, talk to them about this fund, and take on a target of mobilizing 5-10 applications each, of whatever amounts your clients are willing to commit towards this cause. I am sure there is tremendous depth of generosity among your investors, and I am counting on you to tap into this, show them a credible proposition and help us save many more lives in the coming 3 years through your determined sales efforts in the coming fortnight.

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