Uncommon wisdom from a 17 year old finance enthusiast


Anuj Shah, author of “Brightest Investment Minds – Their Journeys, Their Insights

Veteran financial journalists and market analysts, after decades of watching ace fund managers closely, and with wisdom gleaned over decades, are expected to publish insightful books that delve deeper into fund managers and their styles that go further than most can ever hope. What’s truly uncommon about Anuj is that he’s done this at 17 – an age where his peers perhaps would be delving deep into the next social media fad or gaming app that’s come their way.

Anuj’s book is a revelation – it gets straight to the person behind the fund manager, and from that insight, seeks to draw inferences into events and traits that have helped shape the distinctive styles of 5 of India’s best known fund managers.

I believe this is a must read for every distributor and advisor who recommends funds of these ace fund managers. It gives you an up close and personal glimpse into the managers you entrust your clients’ money with – in a way that very few efforts in the past have managed to do.

The book has been published by Value Research and is available for purchase here. And, even as you soak up the insights drawn by this young man, you can rest assured that they money you spent on the book is being put to a very worthy cause: sale proceeds from the book are being donated to the Paediatric Cancer Department of Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai. Need we say more about why you should buy this book?


Vijay Venkatram, Managing Director, Wealth Forum

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