Distributors want mid-sized AMCs to succeed

In our new series of Asset Manager Round Tables, we invited the young, energetic CEOs of three fast growing mid-sized AMCs that are capturing distributor mindshare in their own unique ways. Aashish Somaiyaa (Motilal Oswal AMC), Swarup Mohanty (Mirae Asset) and Radhika Gupta (Edelweiss AMC) share their views in part 1 of a 3 part round table, on what really drives market share in this hyper-competitive business. One of the key observations was that beyond product positioning and consistent performance which are of course vital, what’s also providing some tailwinds to performing mid-sized fund houses is the fact that distributors are keen to see quality mid sized fund houses do well, to enable them to diversify beyond the large players.

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