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BSE Star MF - pros and cons
Gajendra Kothari, Etica Wealth, Mumbai

imgbd One of the biggest dilemmas facing IFAs today is choice of transaction platforms - and it all boils down to MFU vs BSE vs NSE. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and each will have different appeal based on what you want out of a transaction platform.

WF approached the young, tech savvy Gajendra Kothari to give us an independent assessment of all three major platforms and also requested him to give pointers on how IFAs can make a choice based on what they really need. We are grateful to Gajendra for compiling this 4 part article series, where he shares his perspectives on each of the 3 main choices and provides us with a very practical 10 point program on how to get started with using these platforms.

In this, the third part, he covers the pros and cons of BSE Star MF exchange platform. Its got some big players using it, which helps drive volumes, and has an exciting upcoming fund research tie up on the cards. However, like the NSE NMF II platform, the experience for transacting for first time MF investors is far from satisfactory.

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imgbd BSE Star MF for IFAs was launched on March 06, 2014 and since has been one of the formidable player in the online MF platforms space, however they were earlier mainly known in the dematcategory. They have many large national distributors who has been using their platform like NJ India, IIFL etc. Recently, they have been able to garner good no of registrations from IFA community as well. Currently, they have over 3000 Registered members on their platform

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