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NSE NMF II - pros and cons
Gajendra Kothari, Etica Wealth, Mumbai

imgbd One of the biggest dilemmas facing IFAs today is choice of transaction platforms - and it all boils down to MFU vs BSE vs NSE. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and each will have different appeal based on what you want out of a transaction platform.

WF approached the young, tech savvy Gajendra Kothari to give us an independent assessment of all three major platforms and also requested him to give pointers on how IFAs can make a choice based on what they really need. We are grateful to Gajendra for compiling this 4 part article series, where he shares his perspectives on each of the 3 main choices and provides us with a very practical 10 point program on how to get started with using these platforms.

In this, the second part, he covers the pros and cons of the NSE NMF II exchange platform. There are many upcoming features to look forward to, but one drawback that both exchange platforms need to resolve is how to make them more convenient for first time MF investors.

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imgbd National Stock Exchange has launched its Mutual Fund platform for distributors in Jan 2015. Presently, they are providing these services free of cost but I guess because NSE is for profit organization they would like to monetize in some way in the near future. They may levy an annual membership fee or may charge per transaction. Alternatively, they may charge AMCs per transaction since many distributors may be sensitive to paying charges. A lot of small & large IFAs has been using NSE platform for a while.

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