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Dipa Karmakar's lessons for investors

Rajesh Hattangady, Thiink Financial Planners, Thane


A billion people cheered that night by burning the midnight oil to watch Dipa Karmakar's routine at the Olympics. She may have missed winning a medal by a whisker, but she certainly did win everyone's heart.

While one may not understand the sport to the T, what stood out was the celebration and the joy of accomplishment. Although many of us have had our joyous moments and the glory under sunshine, it's these very moments that one cherishes the most.

#THiiNK in of the Olympics, am wondering what would have gone through Ms Dipa's mind? What made her take the plunge into the leap of death a.k.a Produnova? I guess it isn't just for points or for qualifying, it's the passion with which one perseveres to gain the recognition and the accolades. Why shouldn't then we rechristen the term as "PROUD"ONOVA? Proud aren't we?

There are lessons galore from her routine. She made us realise, it is always important to stick ones neck out and have the self belief backed by conviction to achieve greatness. How long and how far can one reach aping everyone around us? It's simply so boring and predictable. I guess the same principles holds good in the field of investments and insurance. Everyone of us have been guilty of aping ideas that seems simple and easy to follow. Little do we realise, the real test lies in trying to do the extraordinary (out of the box THiiNKin).

Dipa has already achieved her moment of glory by doing what seemed impossible. She stuck to her idea and the results are there for everyone to see. One gets rewarded only if we go out and try something new backed by conviction. The happy taste of success will be difficult to forget. All throughout the journey, do not ever forget to seek professional help, Dipa's success came not only for the grit and determination but also due to her coach who backed her decision with self belief.

The next time whenever you set out to vault, try and express yourself. Am sure you will savour every bit of your experience. That very moment will be your "PROUDONOVA" moment too!

MasterMind's Art of Advising series puts a spotlight on a novel way of client communication that a highly innovative advisor uses - charcoal sketches. Rajesh Hattangady combines his left brain understanding of markets with his right brain artistic flair to produce simple charcoal sketches that drive home important messages to clients that words perhaps cannot.

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