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Explaining investment ideas to the Pokemon Go generation

Rajesh Hattangady, Thiink Financial Planners, Thane


In a nutshell

Rajesh Hattangady's latest charcoal sketch and blog is a timely piece that should resonate with today's Pokemon Go generation, as well as those who watch this phenomenon, bemused.

Walking past the college road, I suddenly stumbled upon youngsters curiously wandering in different directions. Inquisitive to know, I called my son via facetime, who couldn't but stop laughing over it. "They aren't attempting to catch butterflies like you did in your younger days, papa. They are catching "POKEMON GO."

Having obviously gratuated from my butterflies days, my eyes (Titan) sought ideas. And ideas I did catch! From the time I got into the elevator (Otis) walking in my jogging shoes (Bata) taking a leisure walk, I decided to go hunting. Looking around for the chaos the vehicles (Maruti Suzuki - Mahindra & Mahindra) added to the road, not to leave the one pass by ones ears like bullets (Eicher), wondering how many rubber (MRF) do we burn every year, I headed for the nearest big bazaar (Future).

Taking baby steps on my journey, observed the pan Patti shop sells cigarettes (ITC) more than bidis today. There apparently was more rush at the wine shop (United Breweries) than at the grocery store. With the mushrooming of concrete trees (Godrej), growth of preschools (treehouse) was inevitable. Sale of notebooks (navneet) probably outsold even the daily newspaper (Hindustan times) sale. I tried attempting to blank my mind and suddenly I realised I had forgotten to carry documents to bank (hdfc - ICICI - sbi). Unknowingly having crossed the road I was bang into the buzzing street. I accidently bumped into my mechanic friend who runs his garage (Castrol) who had come to shop clothes (Trent) for his children. Grabbing a quick coffee (Tata Global), we realised, how much the world had changed around us. Guys and gals were spending more on a single sitting on their looks (Kaya - Marico) than what we might have spent for an entire year. The evening looked too stretched to end and I had already reached my destination to bid goodbye to my friend. My fingers had already reached out to the long list to buy noodles (Nestle), biscuits (Brittania), soap (Hul), toothpaste (p&g), sugar (dhampur)…

Thinking I forgot of a thing or two on my list, call to wife couldn't get connected, unfortunately I had forgotten to refill my mobile at the gallery (airtel). Reached home in an auto rickshaw (Bajaj) my son with a sly smile asked me, "how many butterflies did you catch?"

Confidently I said "INVESTMENT GO". And I hope he will understand it sooner than later, there are ideas galore around us to catch hold and prosper!

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