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A single sketch that helps investors understand market volatility

Rajesh Hattangady, THiiNK Financial Planners, Thane

In a nutshell

Art of Advising is a new series within MasterMind, which puts a spotlight on a novel way of client communication that a highly innovative advisor uses - charcoal sketches. Rajesh Hattangady combines his left brain understanding of markets with his right brain artistic flair to produce simple charcoal sketches that drive home important messages to clients that words perhaps cannot.

The first set of charcoal sketches within Art of Advising feature Rajesh's messages on dealing with fear of market volatility - which is the biggest stumbling block that prevents successful savers from becoming successful investors.



Any guesses on the two most frequented places that this generation frequent? No guesses for this one:

First the "CLINIC" or hospital and the other "MALL". One wonders then what's the similarity between the two, moreover in the context of finance?

Whether one goes for a CBC or a routine pre insurance test, one is at ease viewing the ECG report. Most times we tend to even sound like an expert on knowing the safe parameters of the fluctuating pulse rates.

While observing the fluctuating parameters one wonders why doesn't the ECG help us in calming our nerves when it comes to investing? Isn't everything assumed dead if the ECG showed up in a straight line? When the ECG line fluctuates, it's a sign of life - normal life, healthy life. But when the market's line fluctuates.....

Could we deduce similarities between our mall shopping habits and investments too? Watch out for the next edition of Art of Advising.

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