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Who wins following a herd?

Rajesh Hattangady, THiiNK Financial Planners, Thane

In a nutshell

MasterMind's Art of Advising series puts a spotlight on a novel way of client communication that a highly innovative advisor uses - charcoal sketches. Rajesh Hattangady combines his left brain understanding of markets with his right brain artistic flair to produce simple charcoal sketches that drive home important messages to clients that words perhaps cannot.

In the 5th edition of Art of Advising, Rajesh asks a fundamental question: would you rather lead on a path you know is yours or be one of the many followers down a path which may just not be the one for you?


Who wins by following the herd

"My friend invested and so did I", is the answer that most might give on the investment done. While most do invest trusting the friend's advice, one often doesn't understand the finer nuances of investing.

While the goals and aspirations of our friend might be different than our own, we eventually fall prey to such easy ways out and get into investments without a blink in the eye. Catching up on our strategy, others too join in to enjoy the ride. The bandwagon effect as it is known. One wonders watching the train, are the compartments stronger or is it the engine that pulls them together?

It's takes courage to be the leader, for one has to lead and set an example. It takes clarity of mind to understand which path is right for you and which one isn't. One might fall short of expectations too, although it's always better to be a step forward rather than two steps back and attempt to move forward.

It always pays to be a leader on your chosen path rather than a follower in a herd going down a path which just may not be right for you. After all, your goals and aspirations are yours alone - not the herd's. A leader takes it all for sticking the neck out and leaves behind morsels to feed for the herd.

Choice is yours, make your own road with conviction.

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