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Predict or participate? Choose wisely.

Rajesh Hattangady, THiiNK Financial Planners, Thane

In a nutshell

Art of Advising is a new series within MasterMind, which puts a spotlight on a novel way of client communication that a highly innovative advisor uses - charcoal sketches. Rajesh Hattangady combines his left brain understanding of markets with his right brain artistic flair to produce simple charcoal sketches that drive home important messages to clients that words perhaps cannot.

In the 4th edition of Art of Advising, Rajesh shows us how predicting and following predictions often comes in the way of participating. And if you don't participate, how can you emerge successful?


Simply participate

Who is a better cricketer, Sachin or Virat? We often get into mini discussions and many a times argue to speak our mind out. While it's absolutely human to indulge in conversations, seldom do we realise its futile to talk on topics which look so simple to talk on and yet so difficult to implement.

Equity markets, dynamic the way they are, have had their share of so called experts who have predicted Sensex to reach 150,000 while others are predicting doomsday soon.

While we may find it extremely easy to take sides, one shouldn't forget it's no fun just talking if one hasn't simply participated. To give yourself a chance to win, you need to first participate! You can either keep predicting or following predictions of where the Sensex will be at what time frame, or you can put away these academic discussions and participate meaningfully in the market. Predict or participate? The choice is simple: don't just talk. Simply participate!

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