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There's only one right way to invest

Rajesh Hattangady, THiiNK Financial Planners, Thane

In a nutshell

MasterMind's Art of Advising series puts a spotlight on a novel way of client communication that a highly innovative advisor uses - charcoal sketches. Rajesh Hattangady combines his left brain understanding of markets with his right brain artistic flair to produce simple charcoal sketches that drive home important messages to clients that words perhaps cannot.

In the 6th edition of Art of Advising, Rajesh makes an all-important point: there is only one way to invest - and that is with conviction.



Walk the talk! While it's the easiest sentence to say, isn't it the most difficult one to emulate?

Walking across the mall or any public place one always comes across housekeepers cleaning with a yellow board shouting caution. It's similar to our investing too. While we may have our mandatory disclaimers to warn investors, we do not usually pay heed. Walking on a wet floor is similar to taking a dive into investments. When you walk on a wet floor, you proceed with caution, but you take firm steps. You know that if you are prudent, there's no reason for you to fall. If your steps are hesitant, you increase your chances of slipping. If your steps are firm, chances are you won't slip. Conviction matters.

Likewise, there is only one way to invest successfully - and that's investing with conviction. Investing without conviction means you are setting yourself for slipping and falling. One must be prudent - one must understand volatility and risk. And then, one must proceed with conviction, knowing that if your steps are firm, you won't slip. Reaching your investment destination is all about how convinced you are that you will reach. There is only one right way of investing - and that is with conviction.

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