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A great new way to generate a thousand leads
Jigar Parekh, Founder, AnchorEdge Training

imgbd You have been regularly seeking referrals from existing clients to generate new leads and prospects. You have been conducting IAPs with the same objective. These initiatives are great, but generate leads in single digits and at best double digits. Jigar shares a bold new idea with which you can aim to generate a thousand leads - by creating your own e-book and giving it away free in return for contact details of the recipient. Think its difficult to write your own book? Check out Jigar's plan and see for yourself how you can create your own e-book, and begin the journey to collect many more leads that you've perhaps ever done before.

Generating leads through social media is very easy provided you have right tools and strategy in place. For having the leads on ongoing basis for your business Mutual Fund Distributor needs to setup a proper sales funnel in place using proper digital marketing strategy.

When it comes to lead generation through social media and digital marketing, providing free useful info in exchange of contact detail of your ideal prospect who may be a complete stranger to your business can be very useful. The idea is to provide relevant free information which your ideal prospect might be searching for or might be interested in.

Information can be provided by many mediums like through EBook, through small educational videos, through free membership to your blog etc. In this article we will discuss how a Mutual Fund Distributor can create his own eBook and use it for the generating leads out of total strangers and adding them into your sales funnel.

Why eBooks?

  1. It will help you to create leads on ongoing basis if used properly (we will discuss more about how to generate leads using the eBooks)

  2. It will help the MFD to project herself as an expert successfully in eyes of the prospects.

  3. Giving free eBooks will help you to connect with your target audience effectively in big number.

  4. You may even generate revenue by selling it on amazon and other website. (Click Here to know how to publish you eBook on Amazon Kindle)

Creating an eBook does not require you to be the seasoned writer. You may create your eBook on small but relevant topics on your own.

How to create an E-book?

Step 1 - Decide the target audience

Deciding the target audience is very important. Ask yourself what is your expertise and niche segment where you think you are competent. Some Distributors might be very good in dealing with retirement planning, some might be good at dealing with the specific professionals like Doctors or Lawyers, some might be good at dealing with corporate executives and some might be good at dealing with businessmen. Decide your target audience based on your own expertise.

Step 2 - Decide the topic

Decide the topic based on the target audience. To decide on which topic you should have an eBook , answer this question, 'What are the pain areas of your target audience?' For example the person who is about to retire, his pain area would be to have regular income and to cope up with inflation as well. The pain area of professional could be to take control of their finances. You may decide to write on retirement planning, goal based investment planning, risk management and asset allocation.

Step 3 - Decide a killer title

More than topic and the content, it is title that will decide whether your prospect would share his contact detail in exchange of the copy of your eBook or not. Titles like Retirement planning, Goal Based investment planning doesn't ring a bell or doesn't stimulate the prospect to go ahead and request your eBook by providing their contact details.

Title must be stimulating enough to attract the target audience. The examples of title could be;

  1. 5 Simple steps towards your Financial Freedom

  2. 10 principles to achieve a peaceful retirement life

  3. How to save tax and also earn more

  4. 5 mistakes every doctor makes while investing

  5. 3 golden rules to build your retirement portfolio

  6. Entrepreneur's guide to Personal Finance

Step 4 - Create a table of contents

Based on the topic create a table of content with chapter names. Ideally you should have 6 to 8 chapters. Your first chapter should describe the fact that why the topic is relevant for the target audience to learn about, next chapters should talk about the strategies with examples which clients should adopt and in last chapter you may summarize the topic along with giving the summary of action points also.

eBook need not be 200 pages thick thesis. You can even have the eBook of even 20 pages also. The Ideal is to provide the quality guidance in crisp manner on specific topic.

Step 5 - Write it

Many Distributors say that they are good at explaining verbally but not good at writing. No issues! If you are good at explaining verbally then do it and record it in your voice or you may also video shoot yourself giving the presentation on the particular topic. If you have a small 45 min presentation with PPT that is more than enough to create a book.

Once you record yourself explaining it, then you may either type the same thing on your own or you may hire someone by paying small fees to type it on your behalf based on your speech.

Once you are ready with the first draft, try to format it properly with the bullet points, add some free relevant images downloaded from the internet wherever required.

You can Write

Distributors often say that I am not expert writer, so I cannot write. Remember, you might not be the expert into the subject, but you must be knowing much more than your target audience. Idea is to provide value added content in form of eBook in simple language. You can narrate examples which you are sharing with the clients on regular basis while one on one talk to explain the concepts. There is no rocket science to it.

Important points to be kept in mind are;

  1. Use word document to type the eBook.

  2. The ideal format for the eBook would be to use the proper fonts and spacing.

    1. Ideal font: Times New Roman

    2. Ideal Font size: 14

    3. Ideal line spacing: 1.5

  3. Use lots of paragraphs and breaks.

  4. Use Sub title at every 3 to 6 paragraph summarizing those paragraphs.

  5. Get it proofread from professional.

  6. Make a nice eBook cover because people do judge the book by its cover. There are many online website that can help you with creating a cover for book like and there could be many other.

  7. Convert it into PDF.

Set up system that can create system automatic leads using the Ebook.

You may give away a free copy of the eBook to the target audience in exchange of their contact detail like name, mobile number and email id. In next article, we will discuss in detail regarding how to create a system that keeps on gathering the leads and sends the prospects the eBook automatically by capturing their contact details.

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