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Step-by-step guide to create an automatic lead generator
Jigar Parekh, Founder, AnchorEdge Training

imgbd In the previous article (Click here), Jigar introduced us to the power of e-books as a lead generating vehicle, and showed us how to create simple e-books ourselves. The real power comes in however when you link this e-book to an automated lead generator which will work for you 24X7, 365 days, generating leads each time someone downloads a copy of your e-book. Here is Jigar's step-by-step guide on how to create an automatic lead generator.

Generating leads by giving away freebies like eBooks, small videos or some research reports could be very effective for Mutual Fund Distributors. Once you have some free useful info then you need to have a proper system in place that will help you to generate the leads ongoing basis.

Building an automated system that collects the leads of interested people wanting your eBooks and sending them the emails is very essential. An automated system will help you to save lots of time and will also ensure the delivery of the eBook to the prospect who requested it without fail and simultaneously collecting their contact details.

How to build the automated Lead Generation System?

Step 1: Create a Lead Magnet

Lead magnet is nothing but the web form where clients can share their contact details and email ID to request your eBook. If you have your own website you can design your own form for collecting the contact details and put it on your website. If you don't have your own website you can simply create Lead magnet by using Google forms for free and use it over social media to collect the leads.

How to create a Lead Magnet for Free?

Just go to and login with your google account. If you do not have gmail/google accont then open it, it will take less than 2 minutes to do so.

Lead Magnet (created using the google form) Image 1


Create a form (Lead Magnet) asking for contact details and then use the link of the form into all the promotional massages and ads which you use to reach your target audience over social media.

Step 2: Upload the eBook on google drive

Go to and upload your eBook on it. By uploading the eBook on google drive you will get the sharable link of the eBook which can be used for downloading eBook. You just need to share the google drive link of the eBook with the prospect who requests your book by submitting their detail on Lead Magnet Form; the person with the link can click on it and download the book.

You may also skip this step if you want to directly send the eBook as an attachment through email. But it is advisable to use the link always because, sometimes due to bigger size of the file email might not reach the recipient, but using the google drive link to download the book will ensure the proper delivery of your reply email. (which we shall discuss in next step)

Step 3: Set up auto reply mechanism

This will help you to send an automatic reply to the prospect who submits the detail through the form. For example, Mr ABC wants your eBook, so he opens the Lead Magnet Link (link of google form created in Step 1) which you have shared with him and enters his contact detail. Once you get his contact detail you can send the him/her an email where you can share the eBook either through the PDF or through the eBook Download Link (google drive link created in step 2).

Sample Reply from you to the prospect - Image 2


To make the above process smooth and error free you should automate the reply email where the prospect receives the email directly from your gmail ID, once they press the submit button on the Lead Magnet (refere image 1)

How to setup the system for sending the auto email?

This is easy and you can add the auto-reply feature to your Google Forms in less than a minute. Here are the steps involved:

  1. You can use an existing form which you created in step 1 but do make sure you have a field where you would be asking for the email address of the form respondent. This should be a mandatory field.

  2. Install the Google Forms add-on (check Image 1 in step 1 to find out the google add on button), then go to the add-ons menu inside forms, choose Email Notification for Forms and select Create New Rule.

  3. Enter your name, choose your Gmail alias that you wish to use for sending confirmation emails and check the "Notify Form Submitter" option. Select the form field that you are using to get the email address of the respondent.

  4. On the next screen, customize the email subject and message as described in the Google Form Email tutorial.

Create the rule and you're done. When anyone submits the Google Form, they'll get an automatic confirmation email in HTML format and copy of the email data will also be cc'ed to you so you are in the loop.

Setting Email notification (Image 3)


Once you are ready with the above system. You need to promote your Lead magnet link through messages and ads over various social media and digital marketing platform to reach to your target audience. In next article we will discuss how to promote your lead magnet link using facebook ads and posts to reaches to the maximum prospects based on your target market.

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