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Nothing flashy about this rapidly growing champion advisor
Sajal Roy, Anjali Investment & Consultants, Kolkata

imgbd There was nothing flashy about Rahul Dravid's batting, but he was the most dependable batsman in the Indian team - a man who knew how to build an innings, one run at a time. In much the same mould, there is nothing flashy about Sajal Roy - but what underpins his success is a clear understanding that sticking to the basics and executing flawlessly time after time, without for a moment considering it monotonous, is what builds a solid practice in the financial advisory space, and is what makes you Mr. Dependable to your clients. Anjali Investment is today one of Eastern India's most successful advisory firms, serving over 4,000 clients, with an AuM in excess of Rs.270 crores. Sajal was featured on WF three years ago (Click Here) - in these 3 years, his approach has not changed one bit, but his business has more than tripled. And in these 3 years, he has picked up a clutch of awards that recognize his business growth as well as his advisory excellence.

Sajal shares with us here what the four pillars of dependability that Mr.Dependable advocates - consistency, integrity, responsiveness and diligence - mean to him and his firm and how they have underpinned the commendable success his firm has achieved.

Mr. Dependable, a joint initiative between Religare Invesco MF and Wealth Forum, endeavours to showcase exactly what it takes for financial advisors to be seen by their clients as "Mr.Dependable" - which we firmly believe is vital for any advisor to build a sustainable practice. After all, dependability is what money management is finally all about.

Consistency : We have been in the area of Financial Services for the last 18 years and the business has continued to grow over the years steadily. During this period we have seen several market cycles, through which we have handheld our clients with consistency and helped them create wealth. The consistency is revealed in the business process adhered to during the life time of the organization. There may be situations that may pressurize the process but the continued focus on the same creates long term benefits. At Anjali the most often used words and phrases are "Mutual Fund", "SIPs", "Long Term Investing", "Focus on Wealth Creation and not just Returns", these are things which are entrenched in the employees and also investor's minds along with being an integral part of our thought process. At times this may appear monotonous but the process of identifying client's needs consistently at every life stage of a client and providing appropriate solutions goes a long way in building long term client relationship. This consistent approach which avoids push selling, focuses on clients needs and educating the client about investment and fulfilling their goals has helped in growing our business and win the confidence of our clients.

Integrity: No business can survive for long without Integrity and Ethics towards the customer and also the business itself. At Anjali the clients have been able to see integrity in our approach to investments, decision making processes and our intent to create wealth for them. We have come across clients who have been hesitant about decision making but shown their trust in us and have taken a leap of faith based on our recommendations. This has been possible since our clients trusted us, which has come from the integrity that they have seen in our organization. Our clients have seen various market cycles and have stayed with our recommendations only due to our honest approach to work, hence there have been more than 95% customer retention ratio.

Responsiveness : Responsiveness to us means that the need to communicate with our clients and a significant part of communication is listening and taking action. At Anjali everyone is always open to listening to the clients, be it about their financial needs, professional or personal issues. Thus by spending quality time with clients and sharing numerous anecdotes on various facets of investment planning, we have ensured that our clients are well informed. All the clients needs and requirements are adhered to very quickly which creates faith and paves the way for future referrals from the existing investors.

After hearing the clients and discussing with them various aspects, the immediate need is to act upon the same. We are quick in terms of providing updates regarding markets, taking investment decisions, adapting to market conditions and rebalancing portfolios as per need and above all making this entire process more simple and convenient for clients. During market volatility clients are advised to stick to their disciplined investment approach to reach their financial goals.

We conduct regular client meetings and use of client profiling tools, fund review tools etc, and do monthly analysis of client portfolio and reporting as well.

Diligence : As an organization at Anjali we neither believe in pushing a product nor do we sell a product because it's an easy sell. The only thing that matters to us is how a product fits into a client's portfolio and adds value to the same. Technology is used extensively in our system as we use various fund review and client profiling tools to match the need with an appropriate solution. Thus the products are suggested after deep deliberations with the client and in cognizance of the results of review tools. Thus monthly reviews, meeting clients on regular basis, helps us to be aware and take diligent decisions and make changes as and when required. Our clients thus look up to us for diligent decision making which will benefit them in the long run.

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