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Just 5 points on the hottest IFA app
Shri Harsha K, Head - Digital Platforms, Axis MF

imgbd Harsha shares this infographic on 5 aspects of OFA - the hottest open architecture IFA app that's clearly got the attention of India's IFA fraternity.

1. Geographic reach

2. Growth in IFA subscriptions

3. Growth in client app downloads

4. On the go transaction feature

5. 5 testimonials from IFAs

Figures speak much louder than words - as this infographic eloquently demonstrates.

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imgbd I really appreciate the entire team at OFA. AUM recon. is such a tedious work, but your team does it in such a smooth way. The sales enablers provided are also useful in sharing the knowledge with my clients. OFA Client app is also creating my own identity in the market which is what I like the most.

For my clients OFA Client App is equal to Ajmera Investors. Every time I view the screen which says 'Your Trusted Advisor' and I see my photo and details, it gives me an amazing feeling, I can easily say OFA is mine. It's a boom and I appreciate the entire team at OFA for providing me with such an amazing app.

imgbd The best part about OFA is their integration between web application and mobile app. Normal mutual fund reporting software is limited to CRM features, whereas OFA if offering many features without any additional cost. Others in the market is giving as an add-on features and it is payable. Many MF reporting software is not providing an APP for advisor and they provide only for investor. Here, OFA providing the app for both. Once the client is on boarded with NSE NMF-II platform advisor can initiate transaction easily through the app which saves lot of time and easy to operate anywhere with your mobile itself.

imgbd Web based solution: Low cost fare, Includes mobile app its user friendly, good office support. It's difficult to get all these features in this price but still OFA is providing this. Regular updates and services is also upgrading regularly.

OFA Client App: In this new era of technology, even clients look forward for a better technology, in this situation Client app is a great tool. Previously clients would manage their portfolio through third party portals but now this app is easy and user-friendly. This app is helping me in building my own identity, my own brand.

Engagement: Mass email & Mass SMS is a good facility. Moreover, the way focused communication wherein I can share various articles with my client is a good facility as these mails are triggered with my branding and that too in a single click.

imgbd After joining OFA, I now have a complete control of my client's investment report. Otherwise, for advisors who are not using any platforms it's very difficult to remember client's investment details. The best part is, we have two types of returns available for reports - annualized and absolute returns both are useful. The mobile app is a great tool which has saved a lot of time for me.

Business wise, the kind of transparency it is providing for my clients this is helping me in gaining trust. If clients are trusting you it means your business is growing. Nowadays, no body uses such kind of a platform, so when we speak about funds, returns, services to our clients such kind of a platform is also a great added advantage for us. This is helping me in gaining more clients.

imgbd I started my Wealth Advisory journey 8 month back, started with only 4 client with the portfolio of Rs.28.9 Lacs. last 6 month back I came to across with your Client application OFA.

Would like to thank to your entire team and Management for creating OFA application to support like new advisors. My core experience with OFA is amazing Its help me to chill on client investment portfolio and reduce my work and services related issue.

Within 6 Month I crossed my Investment portfolio of Rs.10crs with the help of OFA and SIP book of Rs.15 Lacs. This is happened only and only because of your client application and the way you are offering your services.

I commanded to all clients to use this application and reduce physical paper works.

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